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At Mr. Rooter, our team proudly provides Phoenix residents with water softener home installation service. Our water softener and filter installation services enable our technicians to provide your home with preventative measures against pipe corrosion, mineral buildup, and pipe damage. There are many benefits to having a high-performing water softener or filter installed in your home, so count on your local team of experts to install or service your water filtration system in the most effective way possible.

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About Water Softeners

Water hardness and softness can be measured by your water’s ability to make soap suds. Water hardness is a measurement of how much calcium and magnesium is in your water. The more magnesium and calcium in your water, the harder your water will be. When your residential pipe system is constantly exposed to hard water, the more pipe trouble you will have in the future which is why it is important to test your water levels and take the necessary efforts to install a water softener or filtration system.

Benefits of Water Softeners for Your Residential Property

Calcium and magnesium are to blame for that white residue left on shower heads or faucets after the water dries. You can remove mineral deposits on the exterior of your pipes with gentle solutions like vinegar, but the best preventative measure you can take to stop mineral buildup is to provide your home with a high-performing water softening system.

When your water is hard, your water will cause more frequent mineral buildup within your pipes, which can also result in a higher likeliness of pipe clogs, damage, and corrosion. Mr. Rooter recommends water softening systems as the best way to ensure that your pipes stay buildup-free from the inside-out, and to avoid frequent and costly plumbing expenses in the future.

Differences Between Water Softeners and Water Filters

Water softeners filter out specific minerals that contribute to your water’s hardness. They do not filter out all minerals. Water filters are devices that are installed to remove contaminants from your water to avoid physical illness and use filtration techniques like reverse-osmosis to do so.

Although both of these systems are similar in the sense that they employ water filters, they do so for different reasons. Water softeners are for the reduction of mineral buildup, and the prevention of costly plumbing services from mineral buildup. Water filters are used to purify water from contaminants that could be harmful to your physical health if consumed.

Why Filtering Your Phoenix Drinking Water is Important

Filtering your drinking water is important because water sources can be habitually contaminated by various environmental factors. Trace amounts of hormones, prescription drugs, pesticides, or trihalomethanes from cleaning chemicals can turn up in your water systems. Inner-city health safety can improve simply by knowing that what is flushed down affects everyone’s drinking water.

Installing a high-quality water filtration system for your home is a great way to practice basic health and protect you from other people’s bad habits. Our informative and friendly associates can answer any questions you have about water filter installation services and inquire about the state of your city region’s tap water. Mr. Rooter technicians recommend that you never flush toxic chemicals, medicines, or pesticides down your drains.

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If you are interested in water hardness testing or water filter installation, call a Mr. Rooter agent today. Your technician will take information about your local Phoenix water into account to help you determine which filter or softener is able to meet your residential property’s needs.

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