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Clogged Drains

At Mr. Rooter Phoenix, we provide the city of Phoenix with a variety of drain cleaning, repair, and replacement services. Drains are an essential part of your home or businesses structure. They allow for clean water to flow into buildings and waste to flow away from buildings. Our team at Mr. Rooter Phoenix understands that servicing your clogged drains can be a difficult task, especially because you do not know where your clog is located within your pipe or what your clog made of. Mr. Rooter is happy to provide Phoenix residents with a variety of services that allow us to inspection and clean your drains to rid your home or business of troublesome clogs.

Be sure to call on our plumbing technicians at the first signs of a slowing drain to prevent a major clog or backup!
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Sewer Camera Inspections for Phoenix Residents

Our team at Mr. Rooter Phoenix is made up of industry experts who use the best services in the plumbing industry to restore your clogged drains. Before we perform any drain cleaning service, our technician must inspect the pipes to visibly see what is causing your pipes to be clogged or blocked. Sewer camera inspections allow us to solve sewer and drain issues with precision and speed. Sewer camera inspections are the most effective way to service your drains. The process begins with one of our team members locating the cleanout hole on your property. A cleanout whole is an access point that can be open or closed to services your home or business drain system. If your property does not have any accessible cleanout holes, we will dig a small strategically placed whole to access your system.

When the access point is established, a waterproof drain camera attached to a flexible but sturdy rod is inserted into your pipeline and moved through your drain. Drain cameras are of the highest-quality which provides our Mr. Rooter Phoenix team with a clear view of your pipe’s interior, revealing any cracks, clogs, blockages, and leaks. Through the sewer camera inspection process, we can choose the best drain cleaning services for your property.

Phoenix sewer camera inspections

Mr. Rooter Drain Cleaning Services

Our team at Mr. Rooter Phoenix only offers affordable and environmentally-friendly drain cleaning services. Valley residents need to be able to have their clogged drains restored in a precise and efficient way that allows them to get back to their everyday lives as quickly as possible.

Snaking is a traditional method of drain cleaning that is used when clogs are small and close to the access point of the drain system. Most people believe that they can snake a drain at home, but drain snakes come in a variety of sizes that allow for careful removal of pesky clogs. Do-it-yourself methods of drain cleaning whether it is pouring a chemical filled solution down your drain or attempting to snake a drain yourself is never a good idea and will not provide a lasting solution to your problem. Snakes are essentially long sturdy cables that vary in length. They are of professional grade and should only be handled by industry professionals. The snake cable has a specialized head that allows for the clog to hook onto the head and be removed from the drain. Some snakes are motorized which makes it easier to snake larger clogs that occur in larger pipe diameters. If snaking is not a viable solution to your clogged drain, we will clear your clogs through hydro jetting.

Hydro jetting is a service that uses high-pressure clean water to remove the most difficult clogs such as calcified build-up or tree root invasions. The hydro jetting process involves a hose with a multi-directional nozzle being inserted into your drain system. When securely in place, a technician will release high-pressure water into your drain clearing out everything in its way. After the clogs have been removed, your Phoenix pipes will be restored to their formal function and be in pristine condition.

At Mr. Rooter Phoenix, it is our goal to provide the best drain cleaning services in the valley. Don’t be tempted to solve clogged drains on your own, call your local Arizona professionals today!