Mr. Rooter Plumbing is one of the reputable plumbing companies near Glendale, AZ. We boast of great customer service and quality projects for many years. We are always ready to do drain cleaning, pipe repairs, or sewer inspections in residential properties and commercial establishments.

Although some of our customers often try to fix drain problems on their own, there are those that can only be fixed by specialists like us. But it is not impossible for homeowners to buy their drain cleaning tools and fix the problems themselves, especially when they have background in plumbing.

For our customers in Glendale, AZ who prefer to figure out how to fix their drains, here are a few tools that are necessary to resolve the different types of drain issues.

Toilet Auger

A clogged toilet can sometimes be remedied by pouring hot water or baking soda and vinegar, which homeowners claimed to have worked a hundred times over. Some would readily have a plunger. This works, too, at times but when all these quick remedies fail, we recommend using a toilet auger.

A toilet auger has a cable that can be bent and inserted into the toilet bowl. Using this tool to clear clogs from the toilet bowl is very straight forward. Simple insert the tool into the bowl until the end of the cable cannot be seen. Next, turn the handle slowly to break or remove whatever is obstructing the toilet drain.

Zip It

Zip It is another drain cleaning tool that works very well at removing hair and particles from the sink and even the bathroom drain. This tool does not need any toxic companion to do the job. It is easy to use and we recommend our DIYer customers to use this when trying to fix drain problems on their own.

The process is very simple. Just insert Zip It down the sink or bathroom drain then pull it back out. Safety precautions, though, the edges of the tool can be sharp so using thicker hand gloves and protective eyeglasses is a must.

Hydro Jetter

A hydro-jetter, also known as a water jetter, is powered by strong current of water. This tool cannot be operated by homeowners, though. This can only be used by trained and certified professional plumbers like our team at Mr. Rooter Plumbing.

Unlike the two other drain cleaning tools mentioned, a hydro-jet machine is not inserted down the drain or the toilet. It is inserted at the opening of the sewer pipe and into the pipe. It does not only resolve clogs that are in the drains but also buildups in the pipes that hand tools like Zip It and Toilet Auger cannot handle.

A hydro-jetter has a camera attached to its nozzle and a monitor above ground for our operator to see what is inside the pipe without digging up the property. The high-pressured water coming out of the nozzle is strong enough to break buildups and debris that may be blocking the pipe and causing the clogging in the drains.

These are just three tools that we use and recommend our customers when requiring the service of a drain cleaning company in Glendale, AZ.

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