Easy plumbing fixes such as changing your drain covers, replacing a worn-out washer or getting something unstuck using a toilet plunger can be easy DIY affairs. But when it comes to leaky pipes, slow-draining tubs and toilet backups, the task is best left to the experts.

Don't try to save on money by fixing the plumbing issue yourself. There are a hundred things that could go wrong and end up costing you more in the long run!

Mr. Rooter has the best sewer video inspection Glendale, AZ has to offer. Call us for a comprehensive inspection on all of your plumbing lines. Avoid future disruption by knowing how your pipes are performing today!

Common Plumbing Problems in Glendale

Slow Draining

Plungers can temporarily clear out everyday obstructions, but they aren't effective for blockages in the pipe. If you're experiencing a clogged drain, chances are there's an accumulation of hair, soap scum, detergents and other foreign materials stuck in your sewer pipes.

Low Water Pressure

Over time, a buildup of minerals and sediments can stay inside the pipes and affect the flow of water in the shower head and faucets.

Toilet Issues

There are many reasons why your toilet is acting up. Backing up of sewage is the most obvious sign. If there are unusual odors coming from the toilet or the drain, then an inspection becomes a necessity. If the water won't stop running or the toilet doesn't properly flush, the problem could be a sedimentation of material inside the pipes.

Outdated Pipes

A sewer inspection can determine the state of your sewer pipes and show the technician if it needs to be repaired or replaced via trenchless technology.

Plumbing Leaks

This is probably the most common sewer problem in Glendale, AZ. Though relatively minor at first, a leaky pipe can present major disruption if it's ignored for a long time. You'll notice your water bill rise up in just a few months' time. The water dripping could form harmful molds and bacteria that could affect you or your family's health. The walls and flooring could be discolored and damaged with the presence of too much moisture.

Sewer Inspection Goes A Long Way

Mr. Rooter can diagnose potential sewer problems in both residential and commercial settings.

Our professional technicians run a line down into your sewer pipes on a live feed for a detailed look at the state of your sewer lines. Here, we check for any sign of corrosion, leaks, seeping tree roots and moisture. We attach a small transmitter in order to find the exact location of any potential problem that could lead to major issues. We will show the video to you and recommend the best trenchless fix for your particular case.

Regular sewer camera inspection is the key to a healthy and properly functioning sewer line. We prevent major repair costs by catching the problem before they get worse. You can save thousands of dollars in repairs and water bills with just one sewer line inspection!

Call fast and dependable Mr. Rooter to have your sewer system inspected today.

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