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Our sewer inspection is done efficiently using video examination equipment. The video inspection gives a visual display of the underground drain lines and sewer. It is able to check for items clogging the system and pinpoint the issue.

Whether you need a small sewer repair to get your sewer into its original shape or need to replace the whole unit, a video inspection will allow you to make an informed decision. Don’t waste money on services you don’t need! Video inspection checks for damage in the pipes, obstructions, and other issues that may hinder flow.

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What Problems Sewer Video Inspections Can Detect

  • Offset pipes where the pipes are misaligned when the soil shifts. The movement could also be due to frozen ground, wrong installation or when the soil was not compacted.
  • The pipe may be cracked or collapsed. In this situation, the pipe may be repaired or replaced.
  • There is the problem of broken sewer, which arises from human error. The inspection normally documents the case, and you can use the report to get a refund or compensation. One situation that can cause this is when a utility company drills through the line.
  • The roots of trees and shrubs can cause a problem for your sewer. They cause blockage, which can be removed with a drain snake or hydro jet. The video inspection normally helps determine the best cause of action for the problem.

The video inspection gives you a true representation of your sewer system and does not involve any guesswork. It shows you the state of your sewer line through a simple, straightforward method. When you experience sewer problems, you can call our professionals to inspect the system at your convenience. From there, we can provide fast, effective solutions.

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Phoenix, AZ, our sewer video inspection services are flexible—we work around your schedule. Our Mesa plumbers have years of experience and skill. They utilize cutting-edge technology to offer comprehensive services to address your needs. You can trust our team to find the root of your plumbing problems and offer you cost-effective, lasting solutions.

How Do You Know You Need Video Inspection?

There are normally signs that will show you that you need a video sewer inspection. One sign is when you realize that your sewer is blocked. The video inspection saves you from having to dive into the sewer to diagnose this situation. It is a sanitary alternative that saves time. Another indication is a noticeably foul smell is lingering. The strong odor is an indication of a blocked drainage, a problem with the vent pipes or air vents. There is also the leaking water that you may notice in the yard.

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