At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Phoenix, our team is dedicated and ready to conduct drain inspections to solve any situation. As the first step in all of our processes, the combination of leak detection and camera inspection services ensures that we will be able to fix any problem we find with professionalism and precision. Our services are offered at affordable prices that customers across Peoria can rely on.

Our Equipment & Processes

At Mr. Rooter Phoenix, our team is always prepared to identify the issue with the combination of advanced technology and years of experience and certification. We use non-invasive, no-dig techniques to gain a real-time look at your pipes without disturbing any landscaping, interior walls, or flooring. Using the sewer camera inspection process we are able to quickly and cost-effectively pinpoint the exact cause of your sewer line concerns. Our cameras, in addition to being deployed in a minimally invasive process, are also waterproof and capture clear recordings of the inside of the pipe.

To conduct the inspection, our technicians access the pipeline from outside the building using the ground level access cap. This is a capped pipe that is connected to your sewer pipeline near the building. This short piece was installed at the time your sewer pipeline was first laid underground. At this access point, the robotic camera can be inserted and controlled by the above ground technician. The camera takes video of the entire interior of the pipeline as the technician directs its movement.

With a camera that is measured to fit in the pipeline with ease, our technician is able to view what the camera sees. Cracks will be visible, as well as invading tree roots or other obstructions. Depending on the information found, we will discuss our findings and offer the best repair option. Our team is well versed in all methods and techniques of no-dig, trenchless repairs, and our inspections will give us the versatility we need to fix the problem properly.

Benefits of Drain Inspections Done With No-Dig Equipment

Because we keep the drain inspection minimally invasive, the process can be relied on frequently and offers many benefits to our customers in Peoria, including:

  • Preserves the landscaping and property
  • Affordable
  • Can be completed quickly
  • Informs repair decisions

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Phoenix, we are proud to offer our services on an annual basis in order to ensure that your pipes remain clean, saving you time and money by avoiding major pipeline disasters that would be time-consuming and expensive to fix. By diagnosing problems early on, we can safely remove it and keep the risk of pipeline complications to a minimum. Our drain inspections are an important part of our work and services.

Reach Out to the Mr. Rooter Phoenix Experts

Because drain inspections can be finished quickly and offer clear insight and accurate diagnostics of your pipelines, we are proud to offer our services to all of our customers across Peoria. Contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Phoenix today and allow our experienced team serve you and meet all of your needs!

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