Many homeowners in Tempe, AZ get their entire sewer pipe replaced, only to find out that the problem was easily repairable. They never thought of opting for a pipe inspection. A video camera inspection of your sewer pipes will help you determine the cause of the blockage. It could just be a small repair. At Mr. Rooter Phoenix, we are a full-service plumbing company offering state-of-the-art sewer camera inspection.

What Happens During a Pipe Inspection?

Sewer cameras have now become a crucial part of sewer pipe maintenance and replacement. Before starting any plumbing work, it’s best to employ the use of a sewer camera. A sewer camera is able to determine the exact place and nature of the problem. The best part is plumbers no longer have to make educated guesses. No more unpleasant surprises!

When you hire Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Phoenix for a pipe inspection, we come equipped with the latest sewer cameras. These come with a monitor and an extendable wire. Our plumbers extend the camera into the sewer pipe through an access point, outside your home.

This camera relates live feed into a monitor attached through an extendable wire. As the camera moves inside the pipes, you can clearly see what’s happening inside. At the end of the inspection, our plumbers will provide a detailed report of the pipe inspection. They will also inform on what the problem is and how to approach it.

It's quite interesting to see the inside of your sewer pipes. Our plumbers have found the most unusual items during a pipe inspection. While buttons and small toy parts are the most common items in sewer pipes, it’s not unusual to retrieve jewelry and other valuables.

Why Get a Pipe Inspection

A pipe inspection will identify:

  • Blockage: Sewer cameras go through the entire sewer pipes, showing you where your pipes are blocked and what’s causing the blockage.
  • Root intrusion: Most often sewer pipes are continuously been blocked as tree roots make their way inside old sewer pipes. A pipe inspection will help us see where that’s happening. We could easily solve the problem with a hydro jet that clears away the roots through pressure.
  • Cracked Pipes: Sewer cameras also show the inside circumference of the sewer pipes. We know where the pipes are cracking and may need replacement.
  • Broken Pipes: If you are water bills are showing increased consumption, it could be a broken sewer somewhere under. Apart from sewer inspection, you have little way of knowing exactly where that might be happening.
  • Offset Pipes: Due to underground changes, like soil shifting, tree roots or a frozen ground, pipes often change position slightly. This results in misaligned sewer pipes. Offset pipes are easily adjustable if the plumber if able to locate the problem source.

Best Pipe Inspection in Tempe, AZ

If you are looking for a convenient, affordable and licensed pipes inspection company, then we are right here in Tempe, AZ. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Phoenix offers 24/7 Emergency Service for all those times when sewer emergencies arise without checking the time.

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