Ways to Save Money on a Bathroom Remodel

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You've heard the stories - a friend of a friend needed a bathroom remodel, and it cost them thousands of dollars. They had to replace all their plumbing, which meant tearing out everything and starting over. Not only did this take months, but it also added up to be much more than they were expecting. A bathroom remodel is a large undertaking, and you should be fully prepared before jumping in. Check out our plumbing tips for ways to save money on a bathroom remodel.

Plumbing accidents during a bathroom remodel can happen. Keep Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Rochester’s number on speed dial. Contact us for new fixture installations and replacements and inspections in non-emergency situations.

Start With A Plan

Before you bust out the power tools, start with a solid plan of action for your bathroom remodel. You should start by asking yourself a number of questions. Am I remodeling to boost my home value for a future sale? What kind of accessibility features do members of my household need? What is my budget? What is the ideal timeline for the remodel?

Once you have some sort of answer to these questions, you should invest in the services of a designer. The designer will help you determine if your ideas are realistic and make alterations if not. Hiring a designer is a worthwhile investment to make sure your goals are met, on time, and within your budget.

Keep Plumbing Fixtures in the Same Location

Repainting walls, building shelves, adding tile, and replacing the vanity is actually not the most expensive part of a bathroom remodel. Moving plumbing fixtures is the trickiest and most expensive part, with the average cost being around $5,000 per fixture. Another great reason to work with a designer is that they can create a plan that still fits your vision but does not include moving plumbing fixtures. If it’s functional, don’t mess with it!

Unforeseen circumstances and accidents can occur while moving plumbing fixtures on your own. If you do decide to move plumbing fixtures, enlist the services of a plumbing professional to assist in this work. Contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Rochester for advice on moving plumbing fixtures.

Update, Don’t Replace

Don’t flush your money down the drain trying to get the newest shower, bathtub, or toilet on the market. You might think it’s a great idea to replace EVERYTHING in the bathroom, but your plumbing appliances might just need a little facelift. Consider replacing the toilet seat and lid to give it a whole new look while staying budget-friendly. Instead of replacing the whole tub or shower, try a new faucet or shower head. They might make all the difference!

A good reason for replacing plumbing fixtures is if they are actually faulty. During the renovation, you may uncover that your plumbing is corroded or rotting. It’s best to replace it to avoid ripping up the newly renovated bathroom down the road. Another good thing to consider is the accessibility your family needs. People who age in place or require the use of wheelchairs should have proper bathroom accessibility. Consider a comfort height toilet or an ADA-compliant walk-in shower for your family’s accessibility needs.

Always Trust an Expert

When it comes to large investments like a bathroom remodel, it’s worth hiring an expert to give you the help that you need. From the designer who will help keep your project on track and budget, to the professional plumber who can perform thorough inspections, replacements, and installations, it’s worth the money now to save your project in the long run!

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel in the Rochester, NY area, reach out to Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Rochester for your plumbing needs!

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