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More Potential Problems with your Septic Tank System

More Potential Problems with your Septic Tank System

Your septic tank system is a very important part of your everyday life. And because of this, septic tank maintenance is of vital importance in keeping your system up and running and operating at peak performance. In previous blog posts, we’ve discussed improper usage of the system with items such as chemicals, cooking oils, cigarettes, napkins, and others being flushed down the drain. So we’ve covered all the potential problems you may face as a septic tank owner – Wait, we haven’t? There are more..? Here, we’ll cover a few more issues you may face over the years with your septic tank system. And remember, the state of New York recommends you have your septic tank pumped/cleaned out every 3-5 years. Mr. Rooter of Greater Syracuse will be able to assist you with that, as well as these other problems if they happen to crop up during the life of your septic tank.

First and foremost, excessive water entering into your system will effectively overload it and may cause failure of your system. To fight against this, bring in professionals to check for plumbing leaks. Get proactive and schedule appointments yearly in order to catch a leak or other similar problems before they have the time to ruin your entire system. It’s a cost effective way of keeping your septic tank system running for many years to come. As well, living on the East coast, you will see times of high rainfall, rapid snow melt, or flooding from nearby tributaries. All this can prevent a drain pipe from operating correctly and may cause flow back-up and effectively impede the normal operational capacity of your tank. As well, over the life of your tank, biofilms – or microorganisms that coalesce together – can make their home on the pipes of your drainage field. This can lead to blockage and is referred to by professionals as biomat failure.

So, there can be multiple issues with your septic tank system. Why not make sure to get your septic tank looked at by the real professionals..? It’s a simple thing to call Mr. Rooter and it may just end up saving you in the long run.