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Toilet Repair Services In Syracuse, NY

Dealing with a toilet repair is nobody's favorite task — why not leave it to the pros and call Mr. Rooter® Plumbing of Greater Syracuse? We can provide quality toilet repairs that meet both your schedule and your budget, with 24-hour service and no charge for overtime. From leaking or running toilets, to cracked and vintage toilets, Mr. Rooter can handle every repair! If your toilet is running or has problems flushing, we can provide both diagnostics that get to the heart of the problem and residential plumbing repairs that prevent it from recurring.

Fixing a Running Toilet

Syracuse toilet repairA toilet that won't shut off after flushing is one of the most common complaints among homeowners. To understand what causes a toilet to run, it's important to know a little about how a toilet works.

There are a number of different toilets on the market today, though almost all of them share the same basic elements. Flushing the toilet raises a water control diaphragm (also called a flush valve) which releases clean water into the bowl, sending the waste down the drain pipe and into your sewer. An auto-leveling assembly (the hollow plastic ball that lowers when the tank is empty) then triggers a valve which causes the tank to refill. In order for the tank to refill, the water control diaphragm must be closed — if it gets stuck, the tank can't properly refill, which is what causes a toilet to run.

To fix a running toilet, you need to fix whatever is preventing the diaphragm from closing. This could involve replacing a defective gasket, adjusting the chain that connects the gasket to the rest of the toilet hardware or repairing the auto-leveling assembly.

This animation shows the different components of, and the path of water through, a common household toilet. Use your mouse to interact and operate the toilet.