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A Simple Guide to Water Pressure Maintenance

Household plumbing isn't typically in our day to day thoughts -- unless, of course, there's a problem. One of the biggest problems that homeowners encounter with their plumbing is issues with their water pressure. Water pressure problems happen for a number of reasons, and for many, one is typically able to troubleshoot and resolve small issues. Here is a list of places in your home where water pressure problems may arise and some simple solutions to go with it. These tips also work as preventative plumbing maintenance measures, ensuring that you will both save up to 10% off of your water bills and the inconvenience of having to undergo emergency plumbing repair.

Residential Plumbing
When water pressure issues arise, the first thing you should do is make sure that the main water valve is on or off. To see if it's working properly, try fully shutting it and opening the valve a few times. Additionally, opening and closing it will clean out any excess blockage that's preventing water flow from occurring.

If there is a wet or soggy patch in your lawn, it may be indicative of a water leak in the main or outdoor lines of your home. It isn't an uncommon thing, considering there are an average of 700 water main breaks a day in the United States alone, for both residential and commercial plumbing. If this happens, contacting plumbing services Phoenix residents can trust to address the problem.

Kitchen and Bathroom
When the water pressure on your kitchen sink's tap is low, it could be caused by either a leak or a blockage. To make sure a leak isn't transpiring, inspect the pipes under the sink. Even a three millimeter crack can excrete 250 gallons of water per day, causing serious damage and affecting water pressure. Also check to make sure that the valves are open. Many sinks and shower heads have filters; clean them often to prevent any buildup.

Enlist Professional Plumbing Services
Of course, some issues are too big to tackle on your own. Whether it's residential or commercial plumbing issues, a professional plumbing service will be able to address your building's water pressure issues, ensuring that they are working when you need them most.
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