No Hot Water? Common Causes & Tips

No hot water in your house is more than an uncomfortable inconvenience—it can be a sign of a major plumbing problem. If you notice that your shower or sink's hot water is cooler than usual, has less pressure than you expect, or isn't coming through at all, don't wait to hire a plumber to investigate the problem. At Mr. Rooter® Plumbing of Phoenix, we have 27 years of experience helping Maricopa County homeowners get to the bottom of leaks, water heater malfunctions, and all sorts of plumbing problems. We deliver troubleshooting, expert repairs and replacement, and preventative maintenance service so you can come home to hot water. See if some of these common causes of hot water not working align with your situation, and call one of our plumbing specialists to diagnose the plumbing concern.

Common Causes Why You Have No Hot Water

Having no hot water is a sign of a more significant underlying problem. These plumbing issues can run from mild to severe, so it's always best to hire a plumbing professional to visit your home as quickly as possible. Ask yourself these questions if your hot water stops working so you can give the plumber more details for the service appointment:

Is there something wrong with your water heater's temperature on the thermostat, or does it look like there are issues with the clock and timer?

Your water heater has a thermostat (and, depending on the model, a visible timer) so you can control how hot the water gets and how long it takes to heat up. These controls might not be at your preferred settings, especially if you just moved into a house, or they may have reset. A licensed plumber can inspect the unit and put the controls in your preferred settings.

Do you have a gas water heater?

Gas appliances and fixtures have a pilot light as part of the power system. If that small flame goes out, that could explain why the hot water is not working. A trained plumber can troubleshoot the appliance to determine why the light went out, make necessary repairs, and relight the pilot light.

Is there water on or around your water heater?

There should never be visible water on or around your unit. This could indicate a leak. Call a plumber, who can determine the source of the leak, and whether the leak can be fixed (such as if it's from an old drain seal instead of a crack). They can also install a replacement heater with a minimal delay so you can have hot water again.

Is there just no water coming from the faucet?

When it's not the water heater causing hot water problems, the issue of no hot water in the house can be more complex. Call in a plumbing expert from Mr. Rooter® Plumbing of Phoenix, who can look for leaks, check the localized water shut-off, and understand why water isn't coming from the faucet. Acting quickly can help reduce the risk and potential cost of water damage in your home.

Importance of Having a Plumbing Professional Inspect This Issue

While homeowners can take on many maintenance and repair tasks as DIY projects, issues with no hot water in the house do not fall into this category. Water heaters are heavy-duty appliances full of hot water that can scald people nearby. Whether your water heater is powered by electricity or gas, it's best to have a trained professional troubleshoot the system. They're also heavy and potentially dangerous to repair or replace on your own, which is why we offer convenient water heater repair and replacement options. Plumbing problems can quickly escalate, turning from drips to sprays of water or leading to significant property damage if they're left to linger. At Mr. Rooter® Plumbing of Phoenix, we have a team of licensed professionals who know how to fix the hot water heater and are here to help get to the bottom of hot water issues while protecting your home.

Mr. Rooter® Plumbing of Phoenix Is Ready for Your Needed System Maintenance

If your hot water is not working, call in the experts at Mr. Rooter® Plumbing of Phoenix. We can troubleshoot your plumbing and water heater, make repairs, and provide preventative maintenance to keep plumbing emergencies to a minimum. We proudly serve homes throughout Maricopa County, including yours. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment.