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Old sewer pipe

A Sewer Inspection in Phoenix Saves the Day!

A sewer inspection here in Phoenix leads to a drain cleaning, which leads to a trenchless sewer replacement.

Sometimes bigger problems can be discovered by a simple drain line inspection. A customer here in Phoenix called us due to a slow draining line, and there was also a foul, unpleasant odor that was present. The homeowner called and booked an appointment for a sewer line inspection, thinking she only needed her lined cleared. Ideally, that would be the best case scenario, however, upon a sewer camera inspection it was determined that the sewer line was on the verge of collapsing. The sewer pipe was made from cast iron and it had never been replaced since the house was built in 1965. Over the years, the cast iron pipe became more and more brittle. In this case, the bottom of the sewer pipe began to wear out and the pipe itself was cracking. The homeowner was very lucky, as we have seen situations exactly like these turn out for the worse. Once a pipe collapses, you cannot do a trenchless sewer pipe lining. In most cases, you will need to dig up the area where it collapsed, repair it and go back and try to line it, or do a trenchless pipe bursting. Either way, if the pipe does collapse you just added thousands of dollars to the repair.

Luckily, for this homeowner she contacted Mr. Rooter just in time. Once the technician showed the homeowner the video, she did agree to have her cast iron sewer pipe rehabilitated with a trenchless sewer pipe burst. Because we here at Mr. Rooter are fully stocked and keep plenty of inventory on hand, we were able to start and complete the job the very same day. A couple of things to note here, one is that the homeowner had no idea her sewer was in such bad shape. She had learned to accept the slow draining pipe and the occasional foul odor. Two, she could not believe she had a brand new, 100% fully rehabilitated sewer the same day. She never knew about this type of modern technology, as she was under the impression that sewer replacement took about a week or longer.

Here at Mr. Rooter our commitment is to you, the customer, and we love to make the right investments into sewer repair that will save our customers time and money. If you have a slow draining line or if you detect a bad odor, then call Mr. Rooter today at 602-551-8018.

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