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Clogged sewer pipe

Glendale Sewer Replacement No Digging Required!

The great thing about having a business or living in the great city of Phoenix are all the awesome suburbs. One of our favorites is Glendale, AZ. We enjoy the homes and how the communities are laid out. As great as Glendale is unfortunately there will always be problems with homeowner's sewers. When that happens it can be a bummer. Who wants to deal with a broken or faulty sewer? When a sewer goes out it usually means you must completely stop what you are doing or what you plan on doing so that you can repair this nightmare. Most of the time a sewer that is not working is probably backing up, and a sewer that is backing up into your home is just about the worse type of home repair.

Recently we had a customer in Glendale call us to come out and inspect their home sewer line. The homeowner was very frustrated as she has been dealing with her sewer backing up for the last 12 months. When it first happened the plumber said she had tree roots in her clay sewer pipe. The problem was corrected, or at least she thought it was by removing the roots from the line. Unfortunately the back ups started six months later. And, again it was due to the tree roots growing back into her sewer line. So once again, she had them cut out, however, this time her sewer started backing up again only three months later. This was getting expensive and it was not working.

She decided enough was enough so she called the experts at Mr. Rooter. We sent a tech to run a camera down her sewer pipe and sure enough there were large cracks and the pipe itself was disjointed. We explained our new service called trenchless sewer repair could permanently solve her broken and cracked sewer pipe line problem without having to dig up her property. She was very excited to get this done for her sewer.

Our tech came out the very next morning and was able to reline her entire sewer pipe which was approximately 55 feet long. When the tech finished she was able to see that her “new pipe within in a pipe” had no seams and was actually one long piece of continuous pipe. There is no way tree roots could possibly grow back. She was so satisfied with the repair she recommend her mother in law do it as well.

If you are experiencing frustration due to a broken or cracked pipe then give Mr. Rooter a call today at 602-748-2789 and ask about our trenchless sewer replacement specials.

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