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Sewer Video Inspection Can Identify Tree Root Blockages

Most sewers are found underground, no matter the type of building. With underground constructions come many issues that one does not face with above-ground items. These problems include unknown insects that may damage/chew through sewers, humidity/water that may oxidize the sewers and make them rusty, and powerful tree roots that may pierce through the sewers. The latter can occur if the materials used are old, rusty, of a low quality and/or not strong enough. Please contact us if you would like a sewer video inspection of your property for the aforementioned concerns.

The likelihood of a problem occurring is often location-specific. For example, Louisiana is among the US states with the most floods and is rather humid. One would expect this place to be more prone to problems caused by sewer rust—leading to tree roots gaining access to the inside of the sewer. It is best that owners identify the proneness of their property to sewer damage and the consequence of tree root blockage. In order to seek treatments for this issue, one needs to first identify it. This is why sewer video inspection is very useful. Inspection allows the observation of the interior of the sewer in its entirety. This is the most efficient way to detect any tree root blockage without having to dig up and damage properties.

Video Inspection Overview

A specialist will install a line with a video camera to view the pipe. The line can be inserted via the in-house smaller pipes (e.g. faucets) or the wider pipes (e.g. the ones that are public/belong to the city). Regardless, the video is live and very clear, and problems are easily detected. A device will locate the exact location of the blockage (where the end of the camera is positioned) and a trench will be dug at this spot before reparation.

It is good to inspect sewers before changes to the property, such as an additional washroom. Any tree blockage should be eliminated, and the sewer repaired, before new installations. Adding more waste pressure to an already damaged pipe can only worsen problems.

Professional Inspection and Costs

It is possible to do the inspection without hiring an expert. However, video equipment may not be high-quality nor long like those used by companies. Sewers are anything but short and easily visible. As such, it likely will end up costing more money and effort (usually only for one- or two-time usage) than using the inspection service. Inspection costs in the low hundreds, and lower costs tend to be due to the lower quality of employee experience and/or equipment. It is recommended to be careful of video equipment that cannot clearly inspect the whole length of sewers; in this case, money will go to waste if sewer problems are not detected.

Tree roots are dangerous as they can eventually block the entire flow of the water waste in the sewer. Unlike many items, trees are living organisms that do grow. Treatments are important, but one first needs a sewer video inspection to locate the exact problem-causing area before any treatment can be done. Contact us for a sewer video inspection and any inquiries related to this matter. We would be pleased to assist you.

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