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3 Common Misconceptions About Professional Sewer Repair In Phoenix

The sewer is one of the least understood parts of the Phoenix home. Because it is almost completely out of sight, it is forgotten by many homeowners until a problem shows up. By then, it is often too late.

Here are three common misconceptions about professional sewer repairing in Phoenix that many people have.

I Don't Have To Worry About My Sewer Line At All

Many people think that if they don't have a private septic system, they don't have to bother about their sewer line. They figure it is strong enough to take just about anything.

Thick kitchen grease, harmful corrosive chemicals and paper products such as paper towels are thrown away into the toilet, mostly because it's easy to do. Garbage disposals, which empty into the sewer line, are treated like a regular garbage. In fact, they are not. The wrong things thrown down a garbage disposal can not only stop up your kitchen drain but can harm your sewer line as well.

You may be aware that expensive equipment such as your furnace or air compressor requires maintenance and care. This is no less true for your sewer line. In fact, many plumbers will recommend yearly inspection of your sewer line to catch problems before they become too big to handle.

My Municipality Will Pay For Sewer Repair

Actually, your municipality will only pay for sewer repairs needed in the main sewer line. Every homeowner has a lateral line that branches off and reaches into their own home. This is your responsibility. You are expected to keep your own sewer line clean and properly maintained.

If your property contains a drainage ditch, you are required to make sure that the access ports are free of debris. That is because a flood of rainwater due to a clogged drainage ditch can affect the sewer system.

Disregarding your sewer line can not only affect you, but it may also affect your neighbors. If your line becomes clogged and overflows, this can be a health hazard to others living nearby.

My Insurance Will Cover Me For Sewer Repair

This is not necessarily the case. Many insurance companies require you to have an additional rider on your home insurance policy to cover you for sewer repairs. It makes sense to be sure that you have enough home insurance to cover you for repairs, especially if you own an older home, where your sewer lines could be beginning to degrade.

Sewer repair can be very expensive, especially if it is discovered that sewer lines need to be replaced. Like any other piece of equipment in the home, sewer lines do not last forever. If a problem in your lateral sewer line reaches far enough, it may cause trouble for the public sewer system. That means you could end up paying for public sewer repairs.

All things totaled, it makes sense to get your sewer inspected on a yearly basis, and to be very mindful about what you discard into any plumbing fixture that empties out into your sewer. That will be better for you and better for the planet.

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