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Diagnose Sewer Line Problems with a Camera Inspection

Cameras and video equipment have made an extreme positive impact on modern society. We are constantly discovering new uses for small cameras. Video evidence is irrefutable and gives a clear indication of facts without prejudice. The ability to actually see the problem with your own eyes saves all of the guesswork and time of having to blindly figure out the best approach. You very simply get the right diagnoses the first time. This increases productivity by saving valuable time and expense. It also drastically decreases mistakes caused by misdiagnoses.

Sewer lines will sometimes require maintenance like any other support system. The biggest concerns are that over time they will become clogged, cracked, misaligned or damaged by corrosive chemicals. When you diagnose sewer problems with a video inspection you will know exactly where the problem is located, it's severity, how much sludge has accumulated inside the pipe, and the exact cause of the clog. It will also allow the technician to choose the best possible solution for removing the clog or repairing the damage.

The use of the video camera allows the technician to get a look inside those places which would otherwise be extremely difficult to get at such as those places underneath your home or encased within its walls or foundation.

The Process

When a video camera is used to inspect your sewer pipes a flexible rod is inserted through a common opening such as a drain in the bathtub or sink. The camera which has been attached to the tip of the rod can travel through the smallest to the largest diameter pipe. The image inside the pipe is transmitted back to the technician and recorded so that if necessary it can be reviewed at a later time.

Radio data transmitted back to the operator gives the most accurate location possible for the visual image being transmitted by the camera. Some technicians will mark trouble spots with small flags. Trouble spots are also noted in a printed readout generated as the video equipment moves through the pipes.

Common Problems

The video inspection will expose blockages in the pipes regardless of their cause. Blockages are most often caused by hair or grease build up, stuck foreign objects, and collapsed pipes. You can see from the variety of blockages listed here why an accurate diagnoses is essential.

A camera inspection will also correctly diagnose root intrusion, leaks, cracked pipes, corrosion, and misalignment caused by the settling of the earth.

Other uses

Not every problem will be due to blockages or even the conditions listed above. Small valuable items such as rings, coins, and other valuables are often lost in sewer pipes . A camera inspection will give you a definite location of a lost item so that it can be safely retrieved.

The camera inspection is a valuable and highly recommended tool for inspecting the plumbing of a home or commercial property before you purchase it. The price of an inspection could very easily save you from experiencing a catastrophic financial loss due to the negligence of the previous owner.

Municipalities have found this technique useful for finding potential problems and correcting them before they become critical. This method of inspection is fast, inexpensive, and relatively easy to accomplish. The biggest benefit to the city or municipality is that it allows them to cover large areas very quickly and efficiently. Once the area is covered there is no doubt about its condition and potential problems. This process frees up revenue to support other critical municipal operations.

Once the line has been inspected and the problem has been resolved a follow up inspection will need to be conducted in order to evaluate the quality of the repair.