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10 Signs That You Might Have a Sewer Line Issue

Failed and broken sewer lines are caused by many things, from intruding tree roots and debris blockages to cracking and misaligned connections. No matter how the problems start, catching sewer lining problems before major water emergencies occur not only saves money but time and stress as well.

Here are ten signs that your house may have a sewer line issue.

1. Your drains are frequently backed up. The first instinct that many homeowners have when their drains start to backup and the tub takes longer and longer to empty is to use drain cleaner and other chemicals in the hope that everything will quickly clear up. Others take a plunger to the problem or stick hangers down their drains. These solutions rarely work in the long run, and having a professional check out your sewer line is the best choice.

2. Your lawn grows a prominent indentation. This is a telltale sign that there are major problems brewing in your sewer line. Rather than waiting for it to completely break down, take heed and contact an expert.

3. There's been no rain, yet your grass is wet and soggy. Leaking water and sewer lines inevitably bring water to the surface of your lawn, so don't ignore it in your grass is suddenly soggy in certain spots without being watered or rained on.

4. You hear odd sounds when your toilet is flushed. Gurgling noises coming from an emptied sewer should be of particular concern and typically point to a problem if it happens frequently.

5. There's a foul odor in your home that only gets worse. If your sewer line is cracked or broken, you'll be able to smell all of the waste that's carried through it, and the waste won't be taken away as it should. You shouldn't be able to smell any sewage, and if you do it means your sewer line is no longer air tight.

6. You've cleaned your drains, but still get frequent backups. If your sewer line is damaged or has significantly deteriorated, this can cause consistent backups no matter how much you clean your drains. To find the root of the issue, a professional inspection is needed.

7. Mold is growing on or behind your walls. Sewer lines are behind walls and if they crack, mold will always be a threat. Particularly in your bathroom, if you notice mold growing in the walls behind your toilet or under the sink, a damaged line may be the culprit. If accompanied by sewage odors, you can guarantee that there's sewer line damage.

8. Spots of your lawn look particularly lush. A gorgeous green lawn is a wonderful thing, except when that lush appearance is concentrated in patches. Sewage leaking underground fertilizes grass, gives it a boost of nutrients, and as a result it ends up looking really green and full in certain areas. If you see this, have your sewer line inspected.

9. Your foundation is cracking or you notice sinkholes. When sewer lines deteriorate to an extreme point, it can affect the foundation of your home. Some homeowners see sinkholes or settlement, and in each case it's important to call a contractor immediately before things get much worse.

10. All of a sudden, you've got pests in and around your home. If you've never had major insect infestations or rodents in your house but start seeing them, they could be entering as a result of a broken sewer line. While pest control is a wise choice in this case, it's also a good idea to have your lines inspected to see if the influx started there.