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Five Signs You Need Your Drain Cleaned

Today we are going to answer a very important question that many of you might be having. Does your home need drain cleaning services? Many homeowners in Mesa are faced with drain issues from time to time. Some are small problems and others are much larger. Having your drain cleaned ever so often can actual help you to avoid some drain related issues. Today we are going to take a look at few warnings signs that might suggest that you need your sewer drain cleaned. Here is what to look for.

Why You May Need a Drain Cleaning Service in Mesa, AZ

snaking a sewer

1. Slow bathroom or kitchen sink drains: If you notice that the sinks in your home are slow to drain, you might have a problem somewhere down the line. Slow drains can be a sign of a clog or something even more serious. You may even have a hidden root problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

2. Overflowing toilets: Do your toilets overflow often? If so, then you just might need to call a drain cleaning specialist to come out and fix your sewer issues. While toilets do overflow from time to time, if you have this happen over and over again you can bet that you have a sewer drain issue somewhere. So if your toilets simply won’t flush properly get some professional advice.

3. Is water backing up: Does water backup in your sinks and bathtubs? This can be a sign that your drain line has blockage causing water to come back up into your home. A very unsanitary issue this needs to be dealt with by a professional drain cleaning company in your area. Water that backs up in your home can cause severe water damage to your flooring which could become very costly. So make sure to get those drains checked out as soon as possible.

plumber cleaning sewer

4. A foul odor: Do the pipes that are coming into your home stink? If the answer is yes there might be a problem lurking in your sewer drain. Foul odors can be a sign of a nasty clog that has been there way too long. This often occurs when food particles and grease get washed down the kitchen sink. Additionally, a rodent may have become trapped in your drain lines causing a serious health issue for you and your family. So if you smell something foul in your sinks, why not have someone that knows what they are doing come and check it out?

5. You use way too much liquid drain cleaner: Have you been using a lot of liquid drain cleaner lately? Many homeowners that have drain problems will try to fix the issue with liquid drain cleaner. Not only will this not solve the root of the problem it can be very dangerous as well. People with pets and small children should avoid using drain cleaner and call their local drain cleaning specialist instead. So if you are using drain cleaner often, why not seek some professional help?