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Now That Monsoons Are Over, Inspect Your Pipes To Be Sure You're Not Wasting Water

Rainy season can put a lot of pressure on your sewer and drain system. That’s why it is important to inspect your pipes to be sure you’re not wasting water now that the monsoons are over. The best way to do this is to contact us at Mr. Rooter Phoenix and request we send over a crew to conduct a pipe inspection. We can easily schedule an appointment for you and have your pipes inspected quickly and efficiently. Our repairs won’t even disturb your garden or landscaping either.

How We Inspect Your Underground Pipes

We use something called trenchless technology for all our sewer and drain repairs. What this means is that we won’t be removing any pipes by digging up your yard with heavy equipment. In fact, everything presently in the ground will stay in the ground.

What we do is inspect your pipes from the inside. We do this by digging one or two small holes to access the pipe connection locations. One will be found near your home where the pipe leaves the building and the other is located near the street at the end of your yard. That is where the pipe connects with your municipal water and sewer service.

Once we can access the pipe connections we insert a small video camera. By using a closed-circuit video system we can actually look inside the pipes without digging them out of the ground.

The video signal is so good that we will be able to see the condition of your pipes from the inside. This way we can identify such things as cracks, breaks, cave-ins and other damage to the system. It is with this information that we will determine which trenchless repair method would be best to fix the problem. With trenchless technology we can repair faulty sewer and drain pipes within a day and oftentimes we won’t have to shut off your water service to complete the job.

The Benefits To You

Trenchless repairs benefit you in many ways. In addition to costing you less than typical excavation-style repairs, trenchless technology also removes much of the mess and damage that can result from giant pieces of heavy equipment busting your sidewalks, tearing up your yard and destroying your landscaping. There is really no better way to fix a sewer or drain problem than with trenchless technology.

Contact Us Today For Details

 At Mr. Rooter Phoenix you can call us to make your appointment by dialing 602-748-4821. We can send a crew of our professional plumbers to your home and they can do a quick inspection of your system and determine whether or not you require further repairs.

You can also use this opportunity to book regular pipe inspections so that we can monitor the condition of your pipes and spot something before it develops into a major repair. Our in-pipe inspection camera does an excellent job of helping us to keep a close eye on your pipes each time we conduct an inspection. Call today at 602-748-4821.