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Preparing Your Phoenix Pipes for the New Year

In the Phoenix area, we are known for our harsh summers, but wintertime in Arizona can be just as bad. The rapid changes in temperature we experience can cause severe damage to your pipes, so it’s always good to get your pipes prepared for the New Year by getting inspections, cleaning your drains and pipes, and otherwise preparing your pipes for the winter season.

The first step towards getting your pipes ready for the cooler valley months is with a thorough pipe inspection. Inspections can include drain inspections, leak detection services, and ensuring all plumbing is properly insulated. Insulation helps plumbing be strong against the cold weather. Getting all your plumbing inspected will help you understand what’s going on inside your pipes. This also prepares you for any New Year emergencies when it comes to your plumbing.

Second, you should double-check that all repairs and replacements are completed prior to a significant drop in temperatures. It’s important to make sure your pipes are not experiencing problems that occured do to severe heat that last through winter. Installations, repairs, and replacements are critical to making sure that your pipes are in a healthy condition. During inspections, we’ll check for any damage and repair it along the way with our innovative trenchless technologies.This means you need to make sure all repairs, replacements, and installations are completed efficiently by Mr. Rooter technicians.

Third, you should make sure that all exterior pipes and hoses are put away in a dry, insulated place. This includes any and all water pipes, hoses, pool hoses, and other supplies that have been in contact with water. Make sure you clean and dry them before putting them away. Disconnect your exterior hose from the water line and make sure it’s empty. Otherwise, your pipes can freeze and it could cause plumbing-wide issues.

All pipes should be properly insulated and put away in their proper place. If you have pipes under bathroom sinks or connected under your kitchen sink, make sure you insulate them. This can be done with insulation such as newspapers or even paper towels. It’s important to make sure all pipes are free of leaks prior to insulation.

Make sure you have the number of Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Phoenix, to ensure that your pipes are taken care of in the best way possible.