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Pipeline Inspection Essentials for Phoenix Homeowners and Commercial Property Owners

Want a clear and immediate glimpse of what’s going on in your pipes? Our advice: let a Mr. Rooter plumbing professional conduct a camera inspection of your home or commercial property’s pipelines.

Why camera inspections?

Camera inspections are a cheaper alternative to digging up your pipe for the sole purpose of inspecting it for potential damage.

Before trenchless technologies like camera inspections, a plumbing company would have to dig a trench the length, depth, and width of your pipe in order to complete an inspection. The costs were skyhigh in terms of labor and equipment required just to pinpoint a problem, not to mention the additional thousands you’d spend to restore your landscaping and hardscaping back to their original condition. The costs could even climb higher for business properties, for example, if your broken pipelines were under your parking lot, where many lines are run by design.

Camera inspections are not only more cost-effective, they are faster as well. Since digging requires moving hardscaping as well as landscaping, it can take upwards of six weeks to complete a project from beginning to end. With camera inspections, a diagnosis and pipe repair can be completed in as little as a day.

How pipeline camera inspections work

A plumbing technician with Mr. Rooter uses a pre-existing entry point in order to complete the inspection. The camera used is both HD and waterproof. The specialized camera that Mr Rooter deploys provides live feedback on what’s going on via the pictures and videos it captures while inside your pipes. This live feedback can be sent to any device, including a tablet or even a phone. Your plumbing technician will take a copy of the information and share it with you.

The inspection results will bear either good or bad news. Good news? Minimal damage is evident in your pipes and you can safely hold off on repair/replacement. Bad news? It’s time for a needed repair that will protect your property.

Pipeline repair and replacement solutions you can trust

No matter what your pipeline camera inspection reveals - from a massive tree root invasion, to a minor hair clog, to a sewer line crack - Mr. Rooter offers the perfect solution for you.

Mr Rooter is known as the plumbing professional Phoenix, AZ can trust, and you’ll see that firsthand as your plumbing technician presents pipeline repair/replacement solutions that suit your budget, time constraints, and unique plumbing needs.

Unparalleled expertise, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness are what you’ll always experience with Mr Rooter, also known as the Phoenix area’s favorite plumbing company. With estimates given over the phone, 24/7 emergency services, and repair, replacement, and maintenance plans, Mr Rooter is the smart choice for all your plumbing and pipeline repair needs. 

Call Mr. Rooter today at (602) 748-4821 to discuss your pipeline inspection, repair, replacement, or maintenance needs.