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Pipeline Repair Solutions in the Greater Phoenix Area

There are a number of signs that indicate you could have a pipeline or sewer line problem at your Phoenix, AZ home or business. Weakening water pressure, water discoloration, and unexplained wet spots in your yard or on your property could all be signs that you have a problem in your pipes. If you suspect you have an issue, the best course of action is dealing with it right away. The longer you delay, the more potential damage you could incur.

If you’re experiencing problems with your water line, count on Mr. Rooter’s expert plumbing technicians to provide highly responsive, courteous, and cost-effective service that will ensure your pipeline repairs are done right the first time.

What kinds of pipeline repairs does Mr. Rooter offer?

Mr. Rooter focuses on using trenchless methodologies in our plumbing repairs throughout the greater Phoenix area. These technologies remove the need for excavation, and therefore save both time and money. In fact, instead of taking weeks to complete, these repairs usually take a day. Because excavation isn’t necessary, neither are the repairs that come after excavation, like redoing landscaping, hardscaping, patios, sidewalks, or paying for expensive equipment like backhoes.

What is pipe lining?

With pipe lining, an epoxy resin is applied to your cleaned pipes and is allowed to cure for typically two to five hours. When heat is applied, this time decreases to under an hour. After it cures, it becomes a shield between your pipes and the matter that flows through them, essentially creating a new ‘pipe within a pipe.’

What is pipe bursting?

With pipe bursting, Mr. Rooter uses a hydraulic-based system to flawlessly replace an old pipe with a new one. This new pipe offers significantly better resistance to things like corrosion, erosion, and root invasion. Pipe bursting is usually only used if your pipe is severely damaged.

Both of these methods can be utilized for a variety of pipes, including your commercial or residential water line.

The benefits of turning to Mr. Rooter to solve your pipeline problems

At Mr Rooter, we value your time and your money. We know you have other options for plumbing repair and maintenance, so we are dedicated to providing service that far exceeds your expectations. That’s why we only use the technologies that we know will give you the best solution at the best price.

Our trenchless solutions offer these advantages:

  • Trenchless repairs can be done faster and cheaper than traditional “dig and repair” methods
  • Mr Rooter’s trenchless technology helps preserve hardscaping like sidewalks, patios, driveways, and parking lots meaning you won’t need to pay for repairs when our work is complete
  • Our methods also preserve landscaping like lawns, shrubs, flowering bushes, and trees saving you money on landscaping renovations

Working with Mr. Rooter is easy!

One of Mr. Rooter’s top priorities is making their customers comfortable in their choices. That’s why we always offer camera inspections prior to completing any repairs or replacements on your pipe system. We also do in-home inspections and offer estimates over the phone.

In addition, Mr Rooter has 24/7 emergency service available, which means we are there for you night and day. If you know you have a pipeline problem, or suspect you do, contact Mr. Rooter today and let us help you protect your Phoenix, Arizona property and put your mind at ease.

Call Mr. Rooter at (602) 748-4821 for your water line repairs today.

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