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The Environmental Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Repair in Phoenix, AZ

Repairing the pipes in your Phoenix, AZ home or business can be an unexpected frustration. The traditional methods of pipe repair can cause you unnecessary stress that often takes days to complete and often destroys your landscape in the process. At Mr. Rooter of Phoenix, it is important to know all of your pipe repair options in order to choose one that works best for you. In addition, it is helpful to understand why trenchless pipe repair is the most effective and environmentally-friendly way to restore your pipe health.

Trenchless Pipe Repair in Phoenix, AZ is a lasting repair service that will provide you with lasting results. Rather than bringing in heavy machinery and a large crew to manually dig up the affected pipe, the Mr. Rooter of Phoenix team uses advanced equipment to clean, repair, or replace your pipe with trenchless technology. Our advanced methods will complete the job in less time and offer unexpected environmental benefits.

Phoenix, AZ Trenchless Pipe Repair

The environmental benefits of opting for trenchless pipe repair in Phoenix, AZ begin before the worksite is even evaluated. Then, you’ll experience other eco-friendly benefits as the pipe repair progresses.

1. No large machines. The heavy equipment used during a traditional pipe repair largely operates off diesel fuel. The excavators, backhoes and other machines burn diesel fuel, releasing emissions into the environment that contribute to pollution of the water, air, and soil. In addition, dangerous emissions have been linked to cancer and cardiovascular and respiratory health effects.

2. Preserving the earth. The advanced technology used by the Mr. Rooter of Phoenix plumbers calls for only one or two small access holes to make the pipe repair or replacement. A two-man crew can complete the entire job in a matter of hours without trenching through your yard, removing trees, or destroying your costly landscaping. The land is preserved, and you've been saved from a hefty repair bill.

3. Less waste. Traditional repair methods call for pieces or an entire pipe to be removed from the ground. Once removed, the pipe must be disposed of, adding to the waste issues of our planet. Trenchless pipe repair in Phoenix can use the broken pipe as part of the solution or break the old pipe apart underground. With this method, less waste is produced.

Depend on the reliable plumbers at Mr. Rooter of Phoenix for your trenchless pipe repair services.