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Why Trenchless Services are Perfect for Your Scottsdale Home

At Mr. Rooter of Phoenix, our plumbing services are extremely gentle and reliable. Our friendly and timely technicians specialize in using the latest trenchless technology to inspect and repair your Scottsdale, AZ plumbing system.

Eco-Friendly and Disruption-Free Pipe Repair Options

Trenchless services are today’s latest way of inspecting and treating plumbing problems. Our trenchless services are less disruptive than outdated plumbing methods because they don’t require any digging. In fact, they hardly require disruption of your home as it is because the equipment is designed to work from the inside-out.

We utilize sewer camera inspections and hydro-jetting services to inspect and clean sewer and drains lines. Sewer cameras are video cameras that are attached to long, flexible cables. The cables are able to be lowered deep into your pipes and project an image on a screen. The technician is able to see the screen and articulate the exact service you are in need of.

Hydro jetting is used as high-powered cleaning tools for your pipes. A technician is able to lower the hose with a special multi-directional nozzle into your pipes through a single access point and blast high-pressure water through your pipe systems. Hydro jetting is a great services for removing clogs, but also serve as a great clog-prevention and cleaning tool.

Benefits of Trenchless Services Scottsdale, Arizona

Since we don’t have to dig, or crack open walls to find your piping issue, we save you a great deal of time and money. We never pour harsh chemicals down your drains, and instead, employ hydro-jets paired with eco-friendly pipe cleaners to finish the job. We make sure to thoroughly inspect pipes based on your complaints, and only operate once we have identified the issue at hand. Call us today for fast and efficient trenchless services.

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Save time and money with our trenchless services in Scottsdale, AZ. Don’t worry about disturbing your neighbors or home conditions. Our tools and technicians are here to work with you and provide you with quality, year-round plumbing service. See our blog for homecare tips and tricks, and write down our 24/7 emergency service number.