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main causes of sewer backups

Main Causes of Sewer Backups

Sewer lines can back up just as easily as the rest of your plumbing. When they do, they can cause problems throughout your entire home. They can usually be fixed by sewer repair services in Phoenix, AZ, but it still pays to know some of the main causes of sewer backups.


Tree Roots

Once tree roots grow towards your sewer line, they can wrap around or find weaknesses in the pipe and force their way in. This causes the line to collapse and crack. This is especially common in older homes that may have older sewer lines that are already starting to crack and leak. A sewer line replacement is usually required to fix this problem. Some repairs may be cleared up with a spot repair. Call for a free estimate or a second opinion and let us educate you of your options.



Sewer lines can be clogged with debris just like the rest of your plumbing. When this happens, you will likely notice multiple drains in your home backing up instead of just a sink or a toilet. You probably will not need to replace sewer line if this is the case, but you still need a sewer pipe line repair service to clear away the clog. Did you know Toilets do need to be replaced? Many times a clogged sewer line will identify fixture issues as well.


Old Sewer Lines

Older sewer lines are usually made from cast iron and clay. These materials can degrade over time, which can cause your entire line to collapse, especially if it is under stress from tree roots or clogged drains. A sewer line repair service will likely need to replace your entire line with something newer and sturdier if this happens. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Phoenix is where Plumbers refer their customers. It’s a big job and our Sewer Repair Teams are efficient and professional to get the job done right and at the best price possible.


If you have multiple plumbing issues in your home no matter how often you fix your sinks and toilets, you might have an issue with your sewer line. Contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Phoenix if you think this is the case. We can help you find the plumbing solution that works best for your home, whether you have one clogged drain or a collapsed sewer line.