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common causes of drain issues

What You Need to Know About Bathroom Drains

Most homeowners know that bathroom drains can get downright messy, but many still fail to realize how their actions can contribute to worse damage. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Phoenix, we're dedicated to providing the very best drain cleaning services in Phoenix, AZ, to serve the needs of our local communities.


As such, we've compiled this list of things you can do to help keep your bathroom drains clean and flowing smoothly.


1. They're Filthy - Bathroom drains can be full of unmentionables causing swift backups and potential emergency plumbing situations. Items like hair, soap scum, dead skin cells, and more make the likelihood of you needing the assistance of a drain cleaning company in Phoenix, AZ, higher than you'd imagine.


2. It Could Be Your Soap - Animal fats and other oils are now being added to soaps, shampoos, and other bathroom hygiene products to make your skin luxuriously soft. While it's true that these things may feel nice on your skin, the truth is that many of them can cause a clogged drain in Phoenix, AZ. Rather than take the risk, try using a soap that doesn't contain these ingredients and lotion up right after the tub or shower, instead.


3. Those Drain Gels and Powders Are Making It Worse - You know those gels and powders promising to make up for professional drain cleaning in Phoenix, AZ? Keep in mind that most of these cleaners, though they seem to work, end up corroding your pipes due to their abrasive and harsh chemical makeup. This leaves you with clogged and malfunctioning pipes in the long run.


4. Professional Is the Way to Go - Though you may think it'll cost more to hire a plumber to clean your drains, the truth is that it will likely cost you less than if you were to wait until you experience a severe blockage. Putting off your annual drain inspection won't help. Rather than wait for the inevitable, schedule an inspection. Your plumber can identify potential problem spots and remediate the issue with drain snaking in Phoenix, AZ, or hydro jetting, depending on the severity of the clog.

Got a clogged drain and need to make an appointment? Don't delay. Give us a call at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Phoenix or fill out the online form today.