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How We Conduct a Drain Inspection

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Phoenix understands how important it is to locate, diagnose, and fix your plumbing issues quickly and effectively. Your home relies on the plumbing to function properly in order to keep life running along smoothly. When a problem develops, our sewer camera inspection services in Mesa, AZ allow us to resolve your issues promptly.


Our team offers free camera inspection with every drain service.


Getting It Right the First Time

Our technicians will never simply guess at what could be causing your plumbing issues. We rely on modern methods and utilize the latest technology to locate the source of the problem. Our sewer inspection in Mesa, AZ begins with a camera that we will insert into your pipes. The feed the camera sends back to us allows our technicians to see inside your pipes in an up-close and personal way that we can't do otherwise.



The camera used during our drain inspection in Mesa, AZ allows us to locate the damage causing your issues without damaging your property. The camera is inserted through one single access point. There is no need to do extended digging that can ruin your landscaping. When we are finished, your home will be as neat and tidy as it was when we arrived.


Saving You Money

The best part of our plumbing inspection in Mesa, AZ is that it saves money. All of that extensive digging that used to be required takes time. This adds up in labor charges. You would also have to pay additional money to restore your lawn to its original condition. Our camera inspection eliminates all of these expenses.


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Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Phoenix now for a thorough pipe inspection in Mesa, AZ. We will locate problems rapidly and fix them for you, and we can alert you to any potential issues that can be avoided with routine maintenance. We ensure no fees for service calls!