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The Problem With Liquid Drain Cleaners

The Problem With Liquid Drain Cleaners

Research shows that a clogged drain ranks among the most frequent plumbing problems. While many homeowners opt to use liquid drain cleaners, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Phoenix strongly advises against the use of these products. Here’s why these products are so problematic.


Can Damage Your Plumbing System

With repeated use, liquid drain cleaners can ruin your plumbing system. In theory, these products are designed to clear clogs by creating heat. Unfortunately, temperatures often become hot enough to melt plastic pipes. The chemicals can also cause the metal to corrode. In addition to generating heat, the chemicals will harden when cooled. This creates hard build up in the pipes often at turns and connections. To avoid unexpected plumbing repairs, seek professional drain cleaning services.


Only a Temporary Fix

Liquid drain cleaners tend to promise fantastic results. However, they rarely live up to the hype. Although the cleaner may temporarily free up your drain, you’ll soon be experiencing the same problem again. Professional drain cleaning in Phoenix, AZ, is a long-term solution. By using a process called hydro jetting, plumbers can completely remove built-up gunk.


Health Hazard

The toxic chemicals in liquid drain cleaners can jeopardize your health. As soon as you open the bottle, powerful fumes are released. It'll be much harder to breathe. Even worse, liquid drain cleaners can cause severe burns. You must protect your skin at all costs. Instead of putting yourself at risk, call our drain cleaning company.


Kills “Good” Bacteria

Contrary to common belief, not all bacteria are bad. In fact, your home’s drainage system relies upon “good” bacteria to help break down waste. The use of liquid drain cleaners can kill the bacteria, thus making a blockage more likely to occur.


Bad for the Environment

If you’re striving to live a green lifestyle, be sure to stop using liquid drain cleaners. The chemicals can contaminate local waterways.


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