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Don’t Make These Drain Cleaning Mistakes

Clogs and overflows can destroy your property and trigger serious health problems. Partial blockages can also lead to low water flow when you flush the toilet and cause slow drainage in the shower or laundry tab. If you are dealing with a clog problem, we recommend reaching out to an expert in drain cleaning in Phoenix, AZ from Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Phoenix. The following are mistakes you should always avoid:

Garden Hose

You might think that using the high-pressure garden hose water to clean a clogged drain will make the work easier until you try it yourself. Relying on high-pressure garden hose water to clear your outdoor or indoor drains can lead to costly and difficult to manage problems. Among such issues include flooding and unexpected pipe damage.

Chemically-Infused Drain Cleaners

Many love the speed and efficiency of chemical cleaners when it comes to addressing a blockage. They may seem useful when easing emergencies, particularly if you're faced with overflowing toilets and similar issues. However, using chemicals for an extended period can disintegrate and corrode your pipes. Rather than dealing with clogs yourself, schedule our professional drain cleaning services for a guaranteed safe and effective solution.

DIY Drain Cleaning

Clogs and wastewater overflow can happen at the most unfortunate time. In such situations, you might be tempted to go DIY. However, unless you’ve got the proper training or the necessary drain snaking equipment to do so, don’t attempt such a task. Consider calling a specialist to resolve the issue with ease.

Whenever you are dealing with a clog issue, make sure that you avoid committing any of these mistakes. Instead, contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Phoenix, the leading drain cleaning company in the local area, for professional and reliable solutions. Schedule an appointment with our team today.