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The Different Steps We Take During Pipe Inspection

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Phoenix, we believe that keeping clients informed can help them better understand common plumbing challenges and solutions they may face in the future. Our sewer camera inspection Services in Phoenix, AZ methods are a topic that people often ask us about over the phone and during service calls. We discuss some of the most common procedures and methods used for inspections below:

Drain Inspection

When water backs up in a drain pipe, a professional plumber performs a drain inspection before delving too deeply into the pipe. Waste water backups often occur at the drain. With a kitchen drain, for example, they might check a garbage disposal for a clog. With a shower drain, they might use a flashlight and visually inspect for hair or other materials.

Plumbing Investigation

If a plumber suspects a clog within the pipe, then their plumbing inspection extends into the pipe. They might start by performing hydro jetting or inserting a plumbing snake into the pipe to see if they can dislodge any clogs. If this method fails, they then typically insert a camera into the pipe to look for clogs and other obstructions.

Sewer Inspection

A plumber who can't find a clog in a drain pipe then explores the sewer system via sewer inspection. With this method, they can inspect the system without the need for any digging or other expensive and lengthy ground work.

Our experienced team at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Phoenix offers all of these as part of our pipe inspection services in Phoenix and nearby areas. We are experts in drain, pipe and sewer services, including inspections, cleaning and repairs. If you notice signs of a leak or are simply concerned about the condition of your pipes, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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