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Sewer camera inspection

Top Reasons You Need a Sewer Inspection

Your plumbing is one of the most important systems in your home, and neglecting it can be a huge mistake. Here are the top three reasons to call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Phoenix today for professional sewer camera inspection services in Mesa, AZ:

1. You Own an Old Home

You may be living in your dream home, but all homes have to deal with a few issues over the years. If your house is 20-30+ years old and hasn’t had a sewer inspection yet, now is the time.

Homes built pre-2000 tend to have issues with old lead pipes and weakened plumbing systems. So if your current home is up there in age, getting a pipe inspection from your local plumber once a year or each time you have a slow drain ask your Technician to do one. It is peace of mind that you deserve to have.

2. Sinks and Showers Drain Slowly

All homeowners experience clogged drains in the home from time to time. Clearing your kitchen and bathroom drains of food debris, hair and other gunk buildup often does the trick. But sometimes the blockage takes place further down in the sewer lines. If your drains and toilets are draining slowly or are backing up, you’ll want to get a professional drain inspection done right away to prevent costly damage.

3. You Have Large Trees Nearby

Large trees are one of the biggest problems for sewage systems, especially those for older homes. Leaky old sewage pipes attract tree roots, and those roots often work their way into the pipes. Over time, those root systems break through and clog your pipes and can even cause them to burst open. But even newer homes can be at risk. Expanding root systems often kink sewage lines and can also break newer plastic pipes.

Needless to say, repairing broken sewer lines filled with tree roots can get messy and expensive. But an annual plumbing inspection can often find invasive tree roots before they cause extensive damage.

Don’t let old pipes, clogged drains and massive tree root systems damage your home. Get in touch with the leading plumber in Mesa, AZ, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Phoenix to protect your home’s plumbing system. Schedule an appointment today.