Public Bathroom Odors Control

The smell of your bathroom can quickly kill the positive impression your store leaves on its customers. If you’re a restaurant owner, a smelly bathroom can send your customer running for the exit. Half of these patrons are going to tell their friends about the negative experience, and 30% will never return to your store.

Social media is also changing the way we look at bathrooms. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more are filling up with pictures of gross bathrooms. That means your bathroom, and perhaps your lack of a bathroom plumbing maintenance schedule, can be on display for the world to see.

Commercial plumbing services can help you keep your bathroom clean and customer-friendly, but there are also a lot of practices and procedures you can put in place to stay smelling fresh.

Cleaning Where Many Bathroom Odors Live

It’s easy to know that there’s a bad smell in your restroom, but it might be difficult to locate the exact cause. Odors in your bathroom are typically due to human waste or moisture. When either of these odor-inducers build up anywhere in your bathroom, it can create a smell that permeates the entire area.

Some common hiding places for odor include:

  • Mold and mildew on baseboards, drains and vents.
  • Inside your toilets and stalls, plus the floor all around them where human waste can collect.
  • Trashcans, inside and out.
  • Dirt and grime under your sink.
  • Deep in your floor drains.

Fight Those Odors

The best way to beat these smells is to set a regular bathroom and plumbing maintenance schedule that includes daily cleaning by employees and quarterly cleanings by commercial plumbing services. During those daily cleanings, make sure you’re always using clean sponges, mops and water. Old or dirty cleaning supplies can leave more odor behind.

Another great way to remove smells is to use a disinfectant on all surfaces. Make sure your preferred chemical can either air-dry or be wiped away, so you can avoid any excess moisture. You’ll also want to make sure the chemicals you use are a good fit for the surfaces and floors in your bathroom. For example, mopping on a grouted floor often ends up depositing germs in the grout itself, and that can lead to smells.

Long-term cleaning requires a plan, but it can make your bathroom an inviting place and improve the overall appeal of your store or restaurant. To keep that appeal going strong, you should also call the professionals from time to time.

Call Commercial Plumbing Services

Persistent odors often require you to hire a commercial plumbing service such as Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Greater Syracuse because the causes of these odors are hard to reach. This is especially true when you have a backup in the plumbing of your toilets, sinks and floor drains.

You don’t want your staff dealing with severe problems, because it can be unhealthy to work with waste if they don’t have the right training or equipment. Your staff may also cause damage to your plumbing if they don’t understand the problem.

Contact us here at Mr. Rooter Plumbing, and we’ll help you uncover your odor source and clean it with the best tools to help prevent future problems.