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Happy New Year from Mr. Rooter of Greater Syracuse!

A new year can bring the feeling of change and excitement. Throughout the year we find ourselves in a routine – and not one that we’re always happy about. While there’s no need to wait until a new year comes around, sometimes it’s the boost that a person needs to get started.

Resolutions can be all about changing yourself, but we’d like to challenge you to take a look at your house and resolve to take a few steps to keeping your home in order.

1) Make room for you!

It’s easy to accumulate things. Do you have room for everything you have? Even if your home is tidy, we’d like to challenge you to go through one room a month and look for items that can be donated or thrown out. Ask yourself whether you really use or even like the items you come across. Some rooms might not need much help at all, but you’d be surprised how much you might not really use.

2) Add a little more green

Find ways to reduce your carbon footprint in 2013. We’ve talked before about using rainwater barrels to collect water to use for gardening. There are other ways to make your home a bit more eco-friendly in the new year.

* Replace old faucets with low flow or eco-friendly ones to help reduce water usage. Double check all your fixtures (sinks and toilets for example) and look for leaks. This can not only help your home be a little greener but will also help your water bill.

* Are your appliances energy-star certified? Your dishwasher and washing machine use a lot of water. By using greener versions you are helping preserve more water and still saving on the bill.

* Did you know that there are some plumbing appliances that are solar powered? Beyond water heaters, there are also pool pumps and bird bath fountains that are powered by the sun. Shop around and see what’s available when you’re looking for new appliances.

* Do you do a lot of DIY projects? Be sure to recycle the pipes, fixtures, and scrap materials that are left over. There are a lot of metal and appliance recycling centers that would be happy to take most things off your hands – and depending on the facility you might get a little green back for it!

3) Have your water heater checked

When’s the last time you’ve had your heater checked? If you can’t remember it’s been too long! Heaters are one of those things that are literally behind closed doors and are easy to forget about. They aren’t meant to last forever, and it can be a rather unpleasant surprise when they go out. An aging heater can present various problems, so make an appointment to have it checked.