Bathroom Tips: How to Clean Your Metal Fixtures

Cleaning a metal fixture in bathroom

Bathrooms are always a messy place, and fixtures are no exception. While a residential plumbing service can help you manage these problems, you also probably have the cleaning tools you need at home to take care of your metal fixtures. Here are a few of our favorite bathroom maintenance tips using everyday items that won’t scratch or harm the metal.

Use Vinegar to Tackle Limebathroom lime scale

Limescale builds up when your fixture is routinely in contact with hard water, so a prime problem area is the showerhead. Today’s showerheads come in many different styles and materials, so you can get rid of the lime in a couple of different ways.

For shower fixtures made of stainless steel or chrome – or those with coated metal – turn to white vinegar. The easiest solution is to fill a sealable, plastic bag with white vinegar and place your showerhead or faucet in the bag. Seal it as best you can, and secure it with rubber bands. After approximately an hour, remove the showerhead from its vinegar bath and polish it gently.

If you have a brass or bronze showerhead, get ready to scrub. These finishes can be damaged because of their delicate nature, so start by rubbing them with a soft cloth and some warm water. Bronze is especially finicky, so always carefully check any cleaners before you use them. If you’re having trouble with a brass fixture, the secret may be in your fridge.

Try Lemon Juice on Brassbathroom brass faucet

Getting brass to look great doesn’t have to be expensive, and you can likely use what you already have at home. There are many expensive brass cleaners available at your local hardware store, but they won’t give you a better clean than a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda.

Make a paste with equal parts baking soda and lemon juice, and then apply it with a toothbrush or soft cloth. Scrub lightly and let the mixture dry on your fixtures. Rub it with a clean cloth or gentle sponge, and you’ll have fixtures that look like new.

Remove Soap Scum From Chromebathroom soup scum

Soap scum is another bathroom maintenance problem, but with the right solution, your chrome no longer needs to look dingy. The easiest way to break down soap scum is to simply scrub the fixtures with a dryer sheet. Whether the dryer sheet is used or unused, they should start cleaning immediately.

Another option is to try putting a small amount of cooking spray on the fixture. However, look for plain cooking spray options that don’t have a lot of add-ins. Coat the chrome fixture in your cooking spray and then wipe it clean with a gentle cloth.

Get Rid of Rust in the Bathroom
bathroom rust

If you catch rust early in your Bathroom, you can create a thick paste out of salt and lemon juice. Using equal parts, you’ll get a solution that’s acidic enough to scrub away the rust without scratching your metal surfaces. When it comes to chrome fixtures, most rust can be removed with light scrubbing from a rag that’s been dipped in cola.

These are just a few of the tricks we’ve learned throughout our years as a top residential plumbing service. Contact Mr. Rooter of Greater Syracuse today to learn more about bathroom maintenance.

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