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Considering Buying A Septic Tank

If you are a new homeowner, you may be considering buying a new septic tank for your New York property. Before you start too much planning, you need to call your local Syracuse Mr. Rooter plumber to do a septic tank inspection on your property. Your septic professional will be able to determine if there’s already a tank on your property and where the best place for our new tank to be.

Some building sites are unsuitable for your septic tank because of the type of soil, it could be too steep or too wet, the size of your property, rock, or even ground water. Depending on what your septic specialist determines, in some cases sand mounds are constructed to help accomplish the installation of your septic system.

Septic Tank Maintenance Tips

1. Take care of your septic tank! Your septic tank should be pumped out ever 3-5 years. If the solids in your tank are allowed to build up, they will pass out of the tank and into the absorption field. The soil will become clogged with solids which will result in the failure of your septic system.

2. There are a number of things that should not go down the drain. Make sure everyone in your home knows what should go down the drain. No kitchen grease, cotton swabs, cigarette buts, hair, toys, or mice should be flushed down the toilet. Even a cotton swab can lodge itself sideways in a pipe and force toilet paper to accumulate; blocking the pipe so that it cannot reach the septic system.

3. Leaks should be fixed immediately! A leaking faucet, no matter how small the leak, can eventually result in your absorption field being saturated.

4. Don’t park your cars on the septic field! This can cause compaction and actual structural damage to your septic tank and absorption field. If you’re not sure exactly where everything is located, ask your county health department for a sketch of the system on your property.

5. Keep any plants near and around your field to a minimum. Roots of trees and shrubs can infiltrate the absorption trenches and block the flow of your sewage. Most septic specialists will advice you remove the trees and shrubs growing along the trenches or near the septic tank system.

Have more questions about your septic tank? Call your local Mr. Rooter plumber of Syracuse, NY…or contact us online