Is The Snow Melting Over My Septic System A Cause for Concern?

As septic tank specialists in New York, we are often asked questions about how snow affects your septic field. One question here a lot is in regards to snow melting over the septic system.

Today I noticed that the snow over my septic tank has melted down to the ground. I’m wondering if this is cause for concern – could the tank be filled up already? The ground feels hard, not mushy, but I can’t think of any reason for the snow to melt. Should I be worried?

Generally speaking – melted snow over your septic tank is probably not a cause for concern. Depending on the depth of your septic tank and if there has been hot water released into it from your home (baths, washing machine, or the dishwasher) – it is most likely just heat. The settling chamber will be full of warm water which causes the ground above your tank to melt the snow.

It’s actually a good sign that there is heat rising to the ground level – it shows that your tank is working right and it’s breaking down the solids. If you have an aerobic septic tank you actually might have to keep a close eye on it because it can freeze up on you.

Check the area in and around the leech field and septic tank for any soft, mushy ground or foul odors. If there are no odors or mushy areas in the yard and your drains and toilets are working properly, the snowmelt is probably normal.

If you find any wet, mushy areas or puddles in the yard around the septic tank or leech field, notice any odors, have slow or backed up drains and toilets, or just want to be certain, you should have your septic system inspected by a sewer-septic professional with experience.

Not sure when your tank has been pumped last or have a question? Call your local Mr. Rooter plumber to take care of your septic tank needs.