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Septic Tank 102

Periodic maintenance of your septic system is of the utmost importance and one of the main factors in how long your system will last… Compare a ten year stint for a working septic tank to one that lasts a whole lifetime and you’ll get the picture. Let’s take a look at other ways then – other than preventive maintenance – that can help to extend the life of your all-important septic tank system…

A few of these tips have been mentioned before, but they bear repeating as they are quite important. Do not dump cooking oils, grease, cigarettes, hygiene products, napkins, and other such items as they have difficulty degrading in the tank and will clog your septic system. These items need to be disposed of in a different manner, such as the regular ‘ol trash. Garbage disposals – previously mentioned in prior blog postings as well – can overload the septic system and cause early failure. You may need to pump your tank more frequently if you use the garbage disposal.

Chemicals and pesticides – such as paints or solvents – have been known to damage the septic tank, due to a high concentration of bleach or lye. Tree roots, shrubs, playgrounds, or storage buildings may also clog or cause damage to the tank. In terms of safety of family, an unsupervised tank can be a serious issue for kids playing in the area. As well, the leach field should be at least 100 feet away from your neighbor’s well, and no part of your system should be underneath a porch or driveway. Also, under no circumstances should heavy vehicles be driven over any part of your septic system.

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