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Septic Tank Inspections for Home Buyers

If you’re in the market to buy a new home, there’s one important inspection not to forget. Getting your Septic Tank inspected is an important step to take before signing any paperwork – and one that most people overlook. Did you know that as a homeowner you’re responsible for maintaining your septic tank? Only a specialist – like your Mr. Rooter Plumber – knows how to thoroughly examine your septic tank and leach field. Having a faulty septic tank could end up costing you thousands of dollars – and a malfunctioning system could even contaminate your groundwater.

Do You Need a Plumber to Do a Septic Inspection for a New Home?

A big misconception is that home inspectors are qualified to check out your septic tank. Generally, the tank is buried underground. If there’s no view available, a home inspector can’t inspect it. Your plumbing specialists that pump the tank have specific training and have the proper equipment to inspect your tank (once it’s empty). A home inspector doesn’t have the equipment to empty the tank so that an inspection can happen.

Once the cover is removed, there’s a number of health issues that a home inspector may not be prepared for. Septic tank specialists are knowledgeable of the biological process it takes to work in a very unpleasant and potentially dangerous environment.

Septic System Considerations for Home Buyers

A properly installed system will function well for many years with proper care and maintenance. A system that’s in poor health is something you should know about as a future home buyer. Depending on the seller, they may have information available about their last inspections – if you’re not able to obtain recent information don’t wait! Questions should be asked before so that proper action can be taken prior to buying your new home.

If you’re looking into buying a new home in the Greater Syracuse, NY area don’t wait to call your Mr. Rooter Plumber! We can answer any questions you may have about owning a home with a septic system and set up a time for an inspection. Contact us today!