Alternative Septic Systems

Septic tank system

Most people are familiar with the conventional septic system. Depending on the landscape of the area, occasionally the traditional tank and field don’t work. On those occasions, landowners will have to use an alternative septic system. The first indicator that you might need to switch systems is unusual water pooling in your backyard or drain field. If you notice any unusual water you should call your local Greater Syracuse plumber immediately.

Alternative Septic Systems

These other systems can accommodate other sewer line plumbing, treat wastewater, and dispose of it properly.

Raised Bed (Mound) Septic Tank Systems

A raised bed drain field (sometimes called a mound) is just like what it sounds. When there is not enough space for a full drain field sometimes the best option is to build up. The mound is raised above the natural soil with a specific sand fill material. Within the sand is a gravel bed with a network of pipes. The water pumped through the pipes is released in controlled doses throughout the bed. Drainage around the mound is very important to make sure your system works properly.

Aerobic Treatment Systems (ATS)

Aerobic systems are basically small-scale sewage treatment systems. It’s similar to the septic tank system but uses an aerobic (more air and oxygen) process. These systems are generally found in rural areas and can be used for a single residence or for a small group of homes. The effluent (the wastewater) that the ATS produces is of higher quality than the traditional systems. This allows greater flexibility in placing the leach field as well as cutting the required size of the field in half.

Waterless Systems

In developing countries or people who are looking to go the eco-friendly route, some people are choosing to go waterless. What does this mean exactly? Instead of using a septic tank, you are basically using your toilet like a compost bin. Some of the toilets have a remote system that drops the waste down a chute to a compost bin. The bin is in a crawlspace somewhere below or outside the home. Not interested in composting? There are also incinerating toilets that will burn your waste to ash.

If you have any questions about any of these alternative septic systems or about your traditional system, we at Mr. Rooter Plumbing can easily answer any questions you have. If you’re in the local Greater Syracuse area, feel free to give us a call or schedule an appointment online.