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Caring for Your Septic Tank

Caring for Your Septic Tank

Spring is almost here, but that does not mean that many of us are not still getting snow and ice. Every year we have a few tanks that cave in because of the weight of snowfall on very wet ground. Not only is this an inconvenience, but it is dangerous. The snow might hide any markers that you have placed over your drainfield to remind your children not to play around the area (or remind yourself not to drive on the area!).

Even if the snow and ice is long gone, your ground is mostly still very wet and with Spring comes rain. What does this mean for you? It’s a good time to schedule your tank to be pumped and inspected. Your local plumber will be able to determine if there’s any risks and help you pinpoint what precautions you can take during seasonal changes.

Just a few reminders when it comes to taking care of your drainfield:

* Cars, trucks, or heavy equipment should never be driven or parked over your septic tank or the drainfield.

* Don’t be tempted to plant a garden around your drainfield. The ideas of your vegetables feeding from sewage disposable is generally not a good practice.

* The roots of any trees or plants will likely find its way into your pipes and create havoc. If you need a tree removed, this could also cause a problem depending on the location of the tree and your drainfield. Ideally keep all trees 50 feet away from your septic tank.

* Don’t dispose of water from a hot tub or jacuzzi into your septic system. The large volume of water will overload the system and the chemicals in your spa can destroy the important bacteria in your system.

* Mr. Rooter advises that you have your septic tank inspected once a year. That being said, have your tanks pumped as needed. If you cannot remember the last time your tank was pumped – you might be living on borrowed time!

* It’s a good idea to keep a detailed record of where your septic tank and drainfield is and any maintenance that was done. This way you can easily update your plumber when there is an inspection or pumped.