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The Environment and Septic Systems

A properly maintained septic system is important for a wide variety of reasons. From cover safety and your kids to the proper functioning of your system, maintaining scheduled professional check-ups is imperative for both a long life for the system and safety as well. There are negative environmental effects to think of as well – If your septic system has not been installed with the utmost care and maintained as you would any other investment, and it malfunctions, there can be very serious impacts on both the environment and public health.

If you have a septic tank system that hasn’t been looked over by professional septic system specialists, you may be at risk for a variety of detrimental side-effects from a non-functioning system. Phosphates and nitrates can be an unintended consequence of not keeping up with your septic system. If the discharge finds its way into freshwater, it can lead to algal blooms and an increased growth of weeds in the vicinity. The phosphorous actually stimulates growth in aquatic weeds and allows for the lake to fill in with such growth. What’s worse – The algal blooms are another matter altogether and involve nitrogen coming from the septic system out into oceans or bays. As the large amount of newly formed algae die off, the event creates a loss, or lack of oxygen in the water. This is known as hypoxia and creates what is known as a dead zone in the vicinity in which fish and other living organisms cannot subsist.

As well, contaminated water from septic systems can make its way into streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans. Drinking water can become contaminated and unsafe to drink. And if a septic system backs up, wastewater and sludge can make their way to the surface and can potentially expose both people and animals to disease and other such infections. Thus, it’s better for you, it’s better for your family, and it’s better for the environment for you to get the professionals at Mr. Rooter to check up on your septic tank system on a regular basis.

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