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Tips to Guard Against Septic Tank Malfunction

We’ve written on the problems one may face in keeping their septic tank in tip-top order. Now it’s time to take a look at tips for doing all you can do – save those 3-5 year maintenance check-ups with professionals – to keep your septic system running smoothly for many more years.

Filters – In many cases, septic tanks can back up. Whether this is due to improperly flushed objects, hair from shower drains, kitchen oils, or other such materials, it can be a problem for you (and your neighbors). These items will make their way slowly through the inlet T pipe and thus into the septic tank. This, unfortunately, can then clog the outlet T pipe and cause the whole thing to overflow. Try installing through professional means a filter to stop this from happening. The hair and other such gunk will be stopped in its tracks and help you maintain your investment.

Cover safety – This can be a very, very important issue for septic tank owners. Stories about children falling into septic tanks have been in the news the last few years, unfortunately. Cracked lids, corroded tops, improperly installed metal and cast iron covers… And the list goes on. If you have a family, pets, or children, this is for you. Covers should be checked – according to professionals – twice per season. For example, set up an appointment at the beginning of summer and one at the end of summer as well. In wintertime, it’s a good idea to inspect after heavy snows and blistering wind-chill has occurred, which can intensify damage in the unit.

Bacterial additives – As we mentioned previously, hazardous chemicals and even some household cleaners can do massive damage to your septic system. As well, it can even go so far as to kill the good bacteria which are what breaks down the wastes in your tank. One can purchase bacterial additives to help alleviate this situation and help regulate these so-called “bacterial colonies” doing the work in your tank. Bacterial additives can be found at certain hardware and home stores. As always, check out Mr. Rooter of Greater Syracuse for all your plumbing questions and needs as these are just helpful hints to get you going. In many instances, professional help with allow your system to last and you to save loads of money in the long term.