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Top 10 Holiday Plumbing Nightmares

As winter approaches, we find ourselves in the throes of the holiday season here in Greater Syracuse. As you prepare your home for visits from family and friends, let’s take a moment to consider some of the top ten plumbing nightmares that commonly occur during this time and precautions you can take to keep them from happening to you.

1. Burst Pipes

Freezing temperatures here in upstate New York increase the likelihood of ice forming in your plumbing system. You can prevent this by installing pipe insulation, keeping your thermostat at a higher than normal setting, and leaving your faucets to drip at night to ensure flowing water.

2. Clogged Toilets

A clogged toilet can be an embarrassing inconvenience to have to deal with. To prevent it from occurring, make sure to only flush degradable papers. Don’t put tissues or paper towels in your toilet. Make sure to have a plunger on hand that is suitable for toilets. Standard “bell” plungers are actually better for sinks.

3. Malfunctioning Septic Systems

A broken septic system can be a nasty thing to deal with, particularly when guests are present. If you notice the ground around your septic tank is mushy or if a rank odor is present in your yard, it’s time to call a professional septic system servicer.

4. Clogged Shower Drains

If your holiday guests are staying with you overnight, make sure your shower drains are free of hair and other obstructions. Consider installing a drain catch to prevent obstructions from clogging your shower drain.

5. Malfunctioning Garbage Disposals

It may be tempting to throw a turkey carcass in your garbage disposal, but its bones may damage the blade and the grease may clog your drain. Throw bones in the trash or put them in a slow cooker to make a delicious, rich broth.

6. No Hot Water

Consider reducing the duration or temperature of your hot showers to share the warmth with your family and guests.

7. Leaky Plumbing Fixtures

Check the piping around your sink and toilet to make sure they aren’t dripping.

8. Clogged Shower Heads

If the water pressure in your shower is underwhelming, fill a plastic bag with vinegar, attach it to your shower head with a rubber band, and let it soak for a few hours. The vinegar will break down compounds obstructing its proper operation.

9. Dirty Shower

Mold and mildew are nasty fungi that if left untreated can pose health risks. Make sure to clean your shower and tub surrounds and encourage your guests to squeegee after they use the shower.

10. Dirty Toilet Bowls

To keep your toilet sanitary and maintain its proper functionality, make sure to clean out your toilet bowl before your guests arrive.

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