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Top 8 Activities to Do This Summer With Your Sprinkler

Know Your Sprinkler System

Ever an underground sprinkler system prior to installation:

  • Know Your Water Source

Decide where your sprinkler water will come from, and plan your system around the water source. Choose between using a well or pump on your property, and between the city’s water system or recycled rainwater.

  • Know Your Controller or Timer

Whether your sprinkler system is automatic or not, it will have a controller, which will need to reside in a convenient place in or around your home for easy access and use.

  • Know Your Sprinkler Head Positioning

If you have a large yard (20’ x 20’ or more) you will probably have rotary sprinkler heads, which slowly oscillate to cover more ground. Smaller yards benefit more from stationary sprinklers that send a shorter stream in all directions at once.

  • Know Your Control Valves

Control valves are placed randomly throughout your yard and feature either a green or purple lid. Green lids mean the water is from a clean source, while purple lids mean the water is reclaimed or recycled.

Maintain Your Sprinkler System

Maintaining your sprinkler system is the only way to ensure that it continues to run proficiently. It also happens to be fairly easy, and doesn’t take up much time.

  • Monthly

Once per month, you should check your sprinkler sprays to make sure there are no dry spots that need attention. If there are, recalculate your precipitation rates and readjust your sprays and controller to allow for greater water flow. You should also inspect your mainline filter monthly and clean it as needed.

  • Seasonally

At least once during each season, you should be cleaning all of your sprinkler heads, manually operating each valve to ensure proper functioning and checking the wires in your system for possible damage.

  • Occasionally or as Needed

Your sprinkler heads will become clogged on occasion, and you will need to manually unclog them to maintain proper functioning. You may also need to occasionally readjust the sprinkler heads to ground level and fix any leaks that may occur.

Enjoy Your Sprinkler System

Once the summer plumbing fun of your sprinkler system is complete, it’s finally time to sit back and start enjoying some of the family fun benefits of your new underground sprinklers!

1. Make a Splash

Sew pool noodles into the outer edges of a large tarp and set it in your yard. Allow the sprinkler system to splash on the tarp, forming a thin layer of water. Now jump in and make a splash!

2. Run Through the Sprinklers

An old classic standby that’s not just simple, but also satisfying. When the summer sun gets too hot, turn on the sprinklers and go for a run through the cool, refreshing water.

3. Slip and Slide

Lay a flat tarp out on your lawn and let the sprinkler water rain down on it until it’s good and slippery. Next, run and slide down the wet tarp. Instant fun!

4. Play Beat the Sprinklers

Set up an obstacle course around your yard and set the sprinkler system to go off at a certain interval. See if you can make it through the obstacle course before you get wet.

5. Have a Sudsy Party

You’re going to need that tarp one more time. First, cover the tarp in a thin layer of dish soap. Then, turn on your sprinkler system. Enjoy a sudsy party thanks to your summer plumbing project.

6. Play “Mission: Impossible”

Treat your sprinkler system like the lasers from “Mission: Impossible.” Duck, dodge and dive through your yard as you try to get from one side to the other without being hit by any water.

7. Get Wet and Wild

Take a classic summer game like Freeze Tag, Red Rover or Red Light Green Light and turn it from a hot and sticky game into a wet and wild party by simply turning on the summer plumbing sprinkler system.

8. Watch Your Garden Grow

Okay, kids: You got seven great ideas for how to spend your summer with the sprinkler system, so this one’s for the adults. This summer, enjoy being able to watch your garden thrive and grow without having to worry about scheduling time to water the garden and without worrying about the amount of natural rainfall your town is getting.

For all of your summer plumbing sprinkler fun, be sure to contact your local Mr. Rooter Plumbing. We will make sure you have everything that you need to enjoy your summer lawn to the fullest.