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Sprinkler Maintenance Tips

Plumbing maintenance isn’t just important inside your home. This is especially obvious during spring. So many of our outdoor plumbing fixtures need sprucing up after being winterized during the colder months. The sprinkler can be especially vulnerable to the stress of frozen temperatures. Follow these spring plumbing tips to get your spigots, fountains and sprinkler heads back up and running.

Dig Deep

Before winter set in, you likely fully drained your system to protect the pipes from bursting. What do you think will happen if, below ground, the temperatures stay low? Spring is a frustrating season because it appears warm and sunny while the soil is still iced over. Check if it’s safe by digging down at least 12 inches into the soil. Don’t turn your sprinklers on until the ground is fully thawed.

Quality Check

Make sure any batteries are fresh and your electronics are working as intended. Inspect sprinkler lines, valves and heads for chips, cracks and leaks. Close any drains that were left open during winterizing. If there’s a problem, have it fixed now before you need regular service to get through the hot season.

Go Slow

The first time you turn the water on, you want to open the flood gates gradually. Think a stream vs. a flood. If you simply switch it on, your sprinkler system could experience water hammer, a burst of water pressure capable of causing serious damage. The same is true for an excess of water pressure, so be sure to measure it and make adjustments if needed.

Level the Playing Field

During winter — and especially during the snow thaw — elements in your landscaping shift around. Rocks and rubber mulch sometimes wind up blocking the sprinkler. Go over your lawn checking for blockages or problem spots where water is pooling.

Control Water Waste

Spring can be a volatile season with serious mood swings. You can wake up to it sleeting and in the 30s, but be boiling by noon. Precipitation is also common, but it can be difficult to predict. This leaves homeowners at a disadvantage. Should you run the sprinkler, just in case? Should you shut them off to conserve water? These days, you don’t have to make that decision. Attach a rain sensor that will prevent your system from turning on if there’s already enough moisture on the ground.

Any issues with the sprinkler system or any of the other outdoor plumbing features can be solved quickly and affordably with a quick call to Mr. Rooter of Greater Syracuse. We’ve enjoyed a wonderful reputation in the area for more than 30 years, in part because of our no-surprise billing system. Whether you’re able to schedule service or require emergency help, we’ll give you an accurate estimate and work together to ensure a lasting solution.

Get started on your spring plumbing maintenance. Give Mr. Rooter a call and schedule your sprinkler check-up today!