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Ideas for Using Plumbing Material for Home Décor

You need a high-functioning plumbing system for your home, but there’s no reason your plumbing system’s many components can’t be attractive and stylish, too. If you’re looking for ideas for your home, make sure you see plumbing components as an opportunity. Here’s a look at several ways you can use your plumbing to your advantage as you look to improve your home décor:

  • Toilets: Classic white is in trend for 2017, which means a great opportunity to upgrade your toilets — and perhaps match other updates in your bathrooms. Consider a new toilet that provides a pop of classic white, and then match with white subway tile. Sound too stark? Use towels and other items to provide the splash of color to offset the white.
  • Sinks: Sinks should be usable, and you’ll find plenty that include cutting boards, drying racks, utensil trays and other built-in features. For style, you need something that’s really going to catch the eye. For a country feel, try an apron sink that looks like a farmhouse throwback. For something urban, consider an industrial design. Industrial sinks often work best as secondary sinks in islands or other spots in spacious kitchens.
  • Faucets: Your faucet is all about the finish. The design is important, and you certainly want something functional, but the finish trumps all. A faucet finish can be highly personal, so there’s no right or wrong way to go. It’s always smart to avoid standard chrome. You enjoy many other options, including copper, brass, oil-rubbed bronze and more.
  • Dishwashers: The preferred color for appliances seems to change with the decades. Who can forget the olive-colored refrigerators and other appliances that were trendy in the 1970s? Today’s attractive appliances are trending away from stainless steel or more toward a darker gray. If you’re looking for new appliances that look and work great, consider gray tones.
  • Washers: Looking to do something fun with your appliances? Your washer and dryer offer the opportunity for a little more fun. Today’s market includes sleek designs and plenty of unique colors to explore when choosing a washer and dryer. They are typically located in more out-of-the-way places where the colors won’t be overwhelming if you go big.

No matter what direction you go with your home décor, make sure you have the expert installation needed to see your investments reach their full potential. At Mr. Rooter of Greater Syracuse, we can install sinks, faucets, dishwashers, washers and more. You have experience on your side when you choose Mr. Rooter of Greater Syracuse.

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