3 Common Causes of Standing Water

Standing water, those unexpected puddles of moisture you may find in your yard or basement, are a problem. Not only can they damage the property, but they are usually a sign of a bigger issue. Here are three common causes of standing water.

Heavy Rain

If you’ve just had heavy rain for a day or so, don’t be surprised to see standing water. If your property isn’t set up for proper drainage, that rain can overload your property, resulting in standing water puddles. If you have them in your basement, you’ll have to mop them up and take note that you’ll want to make sure to keep all your valuable property away from the standing water areas when the next rain comes.

Cracks in the Foundation

Another cause of standing water in your basement could be if your home’s foundation has cracks in it. Moisture can seep through these cracks, causing a standing water problem. If you suspect this is your issue, you’ll need to call a contractor to fix it.

Plumbing Problems

This is one of the most common causes of standing water and one of the most troubling. It usually means you have a leak in one or more pipes, the pipes closest to where you see the standing water. Left untreated, these leaky pipes can result in water damage to your home, mold, and mildew buildup, and possibly even a burst pipe down the line. If you’re getting standing water because of plumbing leaks, you should address the issues as soon as possible.

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