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A Comparison: Gas vs. Electric Heat

Since we first began heating homes, a range of different fuel sources has been used. Back in the day, homeowners used coal or wood fires to heat their homes. These fuel sources where neither efficient nor safe. In more modern times, homeowners have relied on gas and electricity to heat their homes. These remain the two most common sources of heat — but which is best?

Each has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. The right fuel source for you will depend on your home’s characteristics and your unique situation. Here’s are a few factors to consider when you’re pondering gas or electric heat.

The Advantages of Gas Heat

The overwhelming benefit of gas furnaces is that they’re affordable to operate on a month-to-month basis. It’s hard to find a more efficient, more affordable fuel than natural gas. Of course, markets can change, and natural gas may become more expensive in the future. But, for right now, if you want to keep your monthly heating bill as low as humanly possible, gas is your best bet.

The Advantages of Electric Heat

Electric furnaces have two major advantages right off the bat. First, they’re typically less expensive to install than gas furnaces. And, second, they typically take up less space than gas furnaces. Beyond cost and space, electric furnaces are a safer option, given there's no risk of a gas leak. As noted above, it's hard to beat gas for efficiency and affordable ongoing utility bills — however, you can certainly see why some homeowners would opt for electric furnaces instead.

Fuel Availability

You’re sometimes limited by fuel availability and setup in your home. If your home already includes a gas line running to the furnace, switching to a gas furnace should be easy. But, if your home lacks the proper gas hookups, installing a gas furnace may be more complicated and expensive. Almost anything is possible if you’re willing to pay for installation, but most homeowners want to limit installation costs, which in turn limits what they can do when choosing a gas or electric heat.

Get Professional Guidance

At Mr. Rooter of Syracuse, we can provide expert guidance and cost estimates as you compare gas and electric heating options. If you’re curious about what will work in your home and the distinct advantages and disadvantages of different heating options, we’d be glad to discuss over the phone or swing by and look at your home’s situation in person.

Contact us today to learn more about gas or electric heat options.