The Benefits of a Double Vanity

More and more modern families are opting for a double vanity sink in the bathroom. While some homes may come with double vanity bathrooms already, other homeowners are remodeling so they can benefit from the double vanity bathroom. What are the benefits of a double vanity?


More storage space is the main benefit of the double vanity. You can put a ton of stuff in the vanity, from bottles to towels to various toiletries. If you currently have bottles all over the counter, overflowing the space and spilling everywhere, a double vanity can be the perfect solution


Having two sinks can also save you a lot of time. If you only have one bathroom, or you have two but you have a big family where one is always occupied, having a double vanity means you don’t have to wait for one family member to finish getting ready before you can get in there and shave, brush your teeth or do whatever you have to do to prepare for the day.


No matter how much you love your spouse, sharing a small amount of sink and storage space can be trying. Someone always feels like they’re coming up short. With a double vanity sink, everyone has all the room they need in the bathroom, and everybody is happy. No more fighting over counter space or sink time — it’s a level of harmony that’s worth almost any price.

Now, of course, there are some drawbacks to having a double vanity. You’ll use more water, so you need to make sure your plumbing is in top shape, and the double vanity will take up a significant portion of the bathroom, so you’ll need a big enough bathroom to make it work. If you do, however, you will probably very much enjoy all the benefits the double vanity brings.

Getting Ready for Your Double Vanity

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